Ode to the enamels

  1. I looked and couldn't find a thread dedicated to the beautiful Enamel bracelets so here goes! My collection isn't very big but I plan to continue to add to it. I prefer the wide version. Please post pics of yours! The first pics are of my newest ones.....the one with the perfume bottles done in the prune enamel with gold. The black and white one in silver is the same design as on the gorgeous china pattern in red & white. The others are a black and an orange Tohu Bohu and another I don't know the name of but I really love.....turquoise in gold.
    H prune bangle.jpg Prune & black:white bangle.jpg Black:white bangle.jpg H bangles ALL 1.jpg H bangles all 2.jpg
  2. wow, what a beautiful collection! :nuts::drool:

    thank you for sharing, Bijouxladay. :yahoo:

    I hope one day I will own one.
  3. ^^ I see you have the latest enamel already! Congrats!

    There already is a thread on enamels.
  4. Well, I knew there just had to be but I couldn't find it....only on the clic-clac & the CDC. Mods please move if necessary or tell me where the original thread is and I will post there!
  5. ^^ You're right ... there is one for Clic Clac and none for enamels per se ... Sorry about that!
  6. I love your enamel collection- the wide ones are my favorite, and I love your B&W Balcons- I saw it this weekend at the boutique and it's stunning IRL. I can't wait to see red, too.
    Sadly my enamel collection is currently limited to one lonely clic-clac but maybe some day....
  7. eeek. Love these. The giant flacons is amazing, and pass me the balcons, please!!!
  8. Is the flacons the turquoise?? thanks....I love them too!! Surely someone else here wants to post theirs!
  9. Flacons is the perfume bottles BL. Flacon = small decorative bottle :tup:

    Lovely collection.
  10. The turquoise is Alphabet Russes from memory.
  11. Your collection is gorgeous! I love your black & white Balcons - my store doesn't even have it yet (lucky you).
    Seeing you have both silver and gold -- how do you decide which to pick.
  12. :sos: Oh Katel...... :sos:
  13. ^^ LOL! An Ode to Enamels can't do without Katel's posts!
  14. Hmmm....I think I can top Katel :sneaky: This pic is at least a year old and there have been a few additions, lol!
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  15. Oh, man, all I need is another H addiction! Bijouxlady and icechick, you have great collections! Sadly I own no enamels...yet...