Ode to the Cheval Sur Mon Carre scarves and shawls.

  1. This is one of my favorite design

    Silk Jersey in Noir/Blanc

    GM in Rose/Brun/Vieux
  2. Beautiful as always mkl:smile:
  3. Thank you, mavsun :biggrin:!

    Ohhh...that GM :tender:! Another cw that I would love to have :love:.

    Here's a picture of a red CSMC silk scarf that was on eBay last week. I placed a few bids on it but unfortunately I got outbid so I didn't win.
  4. Am I the only one with the red jersey CSMC? ;)

    The c/w is framboise/cassis/blanc.

    Two archive pix, hope they load ok.


  5. I wish I had gotten that cw! I have the reddish orange and white jersey CSMC, and it's a tad too orangey for me.

    Mavsun, :yahoo: so glad you were able to get the b/w CSMC from KOP!
  6. ^ OB, I wonder whether the framboise c/w is still out there for you. I bought mine about 18 months ago and it was current sesaon. Raspberry red is my fave colour, so it had to come home with me.
  7. That´s a beautiful red!
    I love rasberry red/pink, it would go well with my Rubis bag:biggrin:
  8. My prized cashmere GM in Rose/Brun/Vieux Rose. :cloud9:

  9. Beautiful :love:!

    Bienchen, you look fabulous with your CSMC jersey scarf! I once tried the black/white version of this and it didn't look good at all on me IMO. But you are totally rocking your framboise version, very nice :tup:!
  10. We're twins. I have the BW in jersey as well as the 90 carre (the special edition) and the red/noir shawl. Alas, the SS's selection is not much to my liking. Hoping the AW's will fare slightly better.
  11. Here is my b/w 90 cm silk. I also took a group photo but will need to wait to upload it. I can never size the photos and unfortunately am also unable to load them from my iphone directly on tPF via tPF app.
    Thanks for sharing all your beauties. What a fabulous thread (thanks chanel for starting it :smile:)
  12. mkl_collection and Hermes Nuttynut, your GM shawl is killing me. :love:

    Bienchen, you wear it so well. :tup:

    Chanel, sigh, that was a beautiful color.

    ouija board, thank you again.
  13. Maedi, the black/white combo goes so well with the farandole. I am going to copy your look if you do not mind. :biggrin:
  14. I think recent issued are much better than old version. I saw Ebay too. they ended more than $450, it is not really worth. red color is not really good for everyone. I like yours CWS 14.it is so pretty. I am look forward to having same CW shawl..........:lol:
  15. I have this one toooo........:graucho: