Scarves Ode to the Cashmere/Silk GM Shawls

  1. Continuation from here.
  2. Wow, I am the first one to post!!!!!

    I wanted to share my new ones.
    All of them have been posted here several times so far...
    Evy LdR.JPG Evy MeM.JPG
  3. Sorry for the strange composition of the Pictures, I did them quite quick for a friend....

    one nes one ist missing, Clic Clac a Pois in cw 08.....

    I love all the three of them!!!!!
  4. Katika76 - you got some awesome neutrals there. They are beautiful!
  5. Twins with all three of them. Good choices!
  6. But it's always a pleasure looking at them showcased by others! :smile: Twins on the LdR11!
  7. Clic Clac a Pois cw5 ardoise/aubergine/fuchsia....the ardoise is eluding me but i love it anyway!!


  8. I know you love dots, chincac! And this one is perfect! Cannot resist to aubergine, such a lovely cw! And your Constance is a stunner!
  9. Never tire of seeing these beauties!
    How divine they look with your E!
  10. A fabulous cw of CCaP, how brilliant it looks with your gorgeous Constance!
  11. M&M cw08.

  12. Beautiful! Twins on the M&M!
  13. I knew I spied this in your other pic!
    Such a gorgeous cw of MetM, love the way you have tied it here!:heart::heart::heart:
  14. I'm waiting on the Fleurs in red, this arrived in the meantime.
    Hmmm, do I need two? Fleurs IS fabulous...