Scarves Ode to the Carre en Carre

Jun 5, 2007
Hello littleblackbag! Nice to see you again! :hugs: Love to hear that you are wearing your C en C ! It is a magic scarf that serves your different needs from one day to the other. This is my scarf (picture from hermè
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The designs:
Couvertures et Tenues du Jour (orig. design Jaques Eudel in 1960)
Tigre Royal (orig. design Christiane Vauzelles in 1966)
Brides de Gala (orig. design Hugo Grygkar in 1957)
H Cinétique (orig. design Bali Barret in 2004)
Pani La Shar Pawnee (orig. design Kermit Oliver in 2004)

Link to MaiTai's Picture Book where the scarf is folded in the different designs:
Hello Holsby nice to "see" you too! Yours is exactly the same colour way as mine. It so lovely isn't it? I only have 2 silk scarves at present so both get lots of wear in the winter. XXX
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