Scarves Ode to the Carre en Carre

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  1. Ever since MaiTai started her Magic Scarf thread, I have been in love with the Carre en Carre. I was ecstatic to find out it was coming out in the GM shawl.

    Then I found out Tods had posted 4 CW's of it. Here are the following CW's of the GM Shawl, courtesy of Tods123. 02, 04, 05, 06.

    I tried on CW 02 and another one that is not pictured above, but I don't way CW it is. Its white/light grey/bold orange. But still, I have not found the right CW for me. Does anyone know if there are more than 6 CW's and what they might look like? I have to get this!
  2. And here are the CW's of the 90cm silk scarf. Also, courtesy of Tods123.








    08 - Mastic/Parchemin/Vieux Rose

    And CW 06 courtesy of Duna:

  3. I really like CW 04 for the silk scarf, but for me, a GM Shawl is more versatile. I have to find CW 01 & 03 and find out if there are more than 6 CW's for the shawl.

    I like grey and orange, but the orange on the one I tried on was too bold and the grey was too light.
  4. Thank you for posting the colourways all in a row!

    I didn't like this pattern when I saw it flat, but it's a favourite folded!
  5. Such an interesting design, but none of the colorways work for me. Darn.
  6. I did not thin this colorway would work for me but it does..
  7. ^^^Yes! A lot of times, you have to see it IRL.
  8. irishgal yours is such a lovely c/w, looks better in your pic than in the website pic.

    I didn't think I liked this scarf at all till I got one in c/w 04, but now I'm lusting after c/w 01 too. This really is a beautiful scarf and if I had bucket loads of money (which is what it seems a person needs now the prices have gone up) I would definitely be after a shawl too.
  9. :smile:As we know I love this scarf & have it now in the 01 colorway.This is my contribution,the pic was taken indoors.I'm very curious to see someone model the shawl to see what it would look like.This is an ingenious idea having so many looks on one scarf!
  10. does anyone have pictures of the shawl version to post? i would love to know what colors it comes in

    i tried on the orange, yellow and etoupe color in BH. beautiful summer colors

    i think diamonds showed us hers, but i couldn't find it
  11. :faint: This is BEAUTIFUL!!! You said it's a scarf? OMG I just LOVE the color!! I, too, wonder how it would look in cashmere. I often find the cashmere's colors are a lot more muted than silk's....
  12. xiaoxiao-Totally agree with you,I can't wait to see someone model the shawl version.For me I'm too happy with my 01 scarf!
  13. Diva999-I love your scarf---so beautiful.
  14. :Pthanks!
  15. This is the full list of the colourways for the GM shawls, courtesy of nafnaf :

    01 - Soleil/Tabac/Brique
    02 - Noir/Blanc/Or
    03 - Vert/Jaune/Marron
    04 - Abricot/Glycine/Corail
    05 - Bleu Gris/Jaune Paille/Vert
    06 - Rose/Violet/Marron Glace
    07 - Jaune Citron/Rouge V/Violet