Ode to the bolide


Apr 8, 2006
so i'm head-over-heels in love with the bolide. it doesn't have the same legendary status as the kelly, but it has a distinctive romance all it's own. i will put any and all bolide images i come across in here. included will be some that tpf members posted elsewhere in this forum. if you see your pic and don't want it reposted here, please let a mod know so that they can make the edit for you.:flowers: if you have a bolide pic i missed, please put it here for more eye candy.
it may take me a day or 2 to put in the pics i have, so please be patient... i'll start with my...:P clay bolide


  • shutterfly clay bolide.jpg
    shutterfly clay bolide.jpg
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shoes319's beautiful bolides:
indigo w/ GH, brighton blue chevre w/ PH
(includes pics of her modeling the bolide so beautifull!:heart:)


  • shoes319's brightonblue31chevre modeled.jpg
    shoes319's brightonblue31chevre modeled.jpg
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  • shoes319 Brighton blue 31 chevre w: ph.jpg
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  • shoes319's brighton(ph) chevre & indigo(gh).jpg
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  • shoes319's brighton & indigo + ostrich kelly.jpg
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HH, every pic you post makes me more determined to hold my breath until I get one.

Keep going, but you must know you're killing me here!