Ode to the bolide

  1. so i'm head-over-heels in love with the bolide. it doesn't have the same legendary status as the kelly, but it has a distinctive romance all it's own. i will put any and all bolide images i come across in here. included will be some that tpf members posted elsewhere in this forum. if you see your pic and don't want it reposted here, please let a mod know so that they can make the edit for you.:flowers: if you have a bolide pic i missed, please put it here for more eye candy.
    it may take me a day or 2 to put in the pics i have, so please be patient... i'll start with my...:P clay bolide
    shutterfly clay bolide.jpg
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  2. HiHeels, here is a friend for your sweet clay Bolide.....:smile:
  3. OMG HH you really, really need a bolide!!! LOL I love your clay one!
  4. duna's 37 rouge h clemence with ph
    kou's 31 cyclamen chevre mysore with ph
    sellmysouls' 31 potiron clemence with GH
    duna's 37 rouge h clemence w: ph.JPG kou's 31 cyclamen chevre mysore ph.jpg sellmysoul's 31 potiron clemence w: GH.jpg
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  5. isus love them - thank you for posting.
    shoes tell me about it!
  6. shoes319's beautiful bolides:
    indigo w/ GH, brighton blue chevre w/ PH
    (includes pics of her modeling the bolide so beautifull!:heart:)
    shoes319's brighton & indigo + ostrich kelly.jpg shoes319's brighton(ph) chevre & indigo(gh).jpg shoes319 Brighton blue 31 chevre w: ph.jpg shoes319's brightonblue31chevre modeled.jpg
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  7. red & orange bolides from ƒ~ƒ‹?EƒNƒŒ?[ƒ‹

    mika modeling a juicy one on her blog hermesmika.blog54.fc2.com
    red.jpg orange bolide www.mille-clair.co.jp.jpg 31 orange bolide on mika.jpg
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  8. zipper.jpg side.jpg front.jpg pink profile.jpg
  9. HH - what a great thread! The bolides are just scrummy! But the one that I think I love the most is your clay one!!
  10. I'm in lust. Sigh.
  11. bj rakuten.jpg fullbody1 rakuten.jpg fullbody2 rakuten.jpg fullbody3 rakuten.jpg fullbody4 rakuten.jpg
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  12. more later! :cutesy:
  13. HH, every pic you post makes me more determined to hold my breath until I get one.

    Keep going, but you must know you're killing me here!
  14. Gorgeous Sarah-girl!

    Is that a vibrato coin purse? Cool!