Ode to the BBag you have "loved and let go"

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  1. Ok gals, as I contemplate selling a bag to fund a new one, I took a mental tour down memory lane with the bbags I have loved and let go to new (and wondermous) mommies :love:

    Ms Bleuet Oval is now in a home that will love her more :yes:


    My first love, Ms 05 White Work is now being adored and worn with style and class by a stunning sweetie:


    My treasured 05 Black Work is now with the best mommy ever:



    what bbags have YOU loved and let go to a new home, maybe to make way for a new bag, or pay bills :sweatdrop: or just cause you wanted something new :p
  2. Can we have a bad poetry contest at the same time?

    I sent away my Magenta first,
    And now the feeling I have is the worst

    I thought you were too bright
    What was wrong with my eyesight!

    You have a new mommy in Greece
    but my obsession with you does not cease

  3. very creative and enteraining! I love your little poem!
  4. [​IMG]

    WOW! what a beauty :nuts::heart:
    hmwe how did you summon the strength to let her go?? ;)
  5. No bags sold yet, so no "odes" yet, but I love NW's poem- hilarious!!

    Hmwe, how did you let go of that black work??? it's a stunner! This momma's still waiting for hers to come home. ;)
  6. My first ever bbag - 05' Navy Twiggy...

    Now living somewhere in Italy :cry:
    Twiggy (9).jpg
  7. I wish I still had a picture to remember her by, but it was my first Bbag, the Origan City that I still miss the most. WHAT WAS I THINKING????? :cry:
  8. Rouge Theatre you had me at "hello"
    The bills however, put me way below.
    So I had to say goodbye my friend;
    knowing that someday we will meet again.

    :roflmfao: How is that for bad poetry? Or is that just a limerick? What is the difference? Whatever!
    05 red city.JPG
  9. Excellent!:okay:
  10. not feeling very clever today so i won't kill you with my lack of poetic genius, but the bag i miss the most is my rouge vif day...
    should never have sold that thick stunning beauty :crybaby:
  11. OMG I am giggling over the poetry!!

    I'll have to ponder a haiku for my missing babies :yes:

    Sunny, it helps that Ms Black Work is being rocked by a hot babe ;) and that the replacement bag was an 05 Magenta Work
    Pinki, the White Work was sacrificed for an Apple Green and she went to a spectacular gal :tup:
  12. Why why why :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:I will always regret selling my beautiful GGH Marine PT.:sad:
    IMG_2261%20%282%29.JPG IMG_2267%20%282%29.JPG IMG_2265%20%282%29.JPG
  13. Oh wow! This is going to get deep :popcorn:

    Like American Idol, but without the ringing in the ears :roflmfao:

    Go ahead don't mind me :popcorn:

  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    (I pictured a beer and a bag of Salt & Vinegar chips with you!!)
  15. I had a 05 Black City with TDF smooshy, thick leather. I thought then that the City was too big for me so I sold it to a wonderful PFer who I'm sure loves it. Now I look at 'Bamas Black Sea and I ask myself "WHY". Someday I WILL get another black BBag.