Ode to the Architek, my new love affair.

  1. I tried on the Architeks in black today. A more perfect slingback has never been made :love: They were true to size and gorgeous in every way, shape and form. It took every fiber in my being to not walk out with them, or in them :lol: Someone please tell me to blow my rent next month and buy these. Please :shame:

    Architek owners, are they worth it? Is there a chance of them going on sale? Maybe in the nude/blush color, or in other seasonal shades?

  2. They are worth it! They are so beautiful! I got them in black/red, but had to return them because of sizing issues (38 too short/38.5 too loose). I still think these are one of the hottest CL shoes yet!
  3. wow, those are TDF! hmm...makes me want to try them too.
  4. Well I wouldn't advise that you blow your rent to get these shoes, but if you can find the funds through other means, then yes they are absolutely worth it.
    This is one of my favorite new CL styles. When I first tried them on, I was literally dancing around the store in them because I fell in love with them. They are absolutely beautiful and suprisingly more comfy than other NPs because they seem to be cut wider than the NPs. Totally worth it.
    I don't see them going on sale anytime soon, if anything perhaps during the summer sales but for some reason I doubt that they will still be around at that time.
    Also, the nude/gold version is beautiful in photos, but I personally didn't like them IRL. The nude kidskin leather gets stained very easily.
  5. ^ I was just kidding about the rent ;) in Marie Claire magazine there was a monthly section called, "Blow the Rent / Pay the Rent" and they always had an expensive designer item, and a less pricier option. That's where I got the wording from :p

    I saw them in nude, and I do agree with you that the color looks better online than in person. Still pretty, but not as beautiful as the black. I told myself that I wouldn't buy another pair of black shoes, since I love to have a good mix of color and neutrals, but then I came across these :love: They were so comfortable, too. Unless I buy a scratch off ticket and win the jackpot, I doubt I'll be purchasing them now. Probably by the time I'm ready to, they will be sold out!
  6. At first I was sceptical about the red part in the back, but it is growing on me. I would love to try it in a store.
  7. it's really worth it!:smile:i got the nude ones but had to return them bec.the black/red ones stand out more..i agree with kamilla..they're cut wider than other NP's
  8. I think they are gorgeous but would love to see them irl which won't be before my next Paris visit.
    I do have the VP's with red tip so they are enough for me for now but the red black really is a gorgeous combo!
  9. While I like this slingback, I totally prefer the black VPs with red tips! And since they are somewhat similar looking, I passed!
  10. I know I was so sad for you!:crybaby: I know how much you loved them! You gave it your best though:tup:
  11. They are so comfortable and HOT. I was so excited to get them..the ladies here would know. :yes: I'm not sure if they will go on sale soon..probably in a month or so. I think the black is prettier than the nude.
  12. Yes I was asking you everyday if you had ordered them!! I was so afraid you would not get your size and knew you wanted/needed them badly!! I am very anxious to see the torqouise, that sounds really interesting. I bet it will pop!!
    If they go on sale and have my size I will get them. I never have that kind of luck though:crybaby:
  13. the black is definitely better looking than the nude

    i ordered the nudes because i have so many black shoes already and kept them after trying them on with different outfits

    they're gorgeous on!
  14. cjy- Yeah I'm so lucky that they had my size at the Beverly Hills store!! It was one of the last pairs in that size. I almost had to get nude!
  15. Hearing that the architeck is wider than the no. prive and that it is in kid leather makes it appealing to me, but I am presently refraining from adding to my collection. If they do not sell out and end up being in the summer sale, I certainly would not hesitate to "blow the rent."