Ode to the 70 cm Scarves

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    I went looking for a 70 cm or "vintage" scarf thread and how could this BE? There wasn't one that I could find!

    Can you post your 70 cms here so we can ogle???

    I'll start...

    70 cm Swinging St. Germain in the purple CW

  2. Swinging St. Germain in b/w CW


    P1040103.JPG P1040121.JPG
  3. Omnibus in green as scarf top

  4. Last one - Rhythms in lavender


    Okay - I wanna see yours!
  5. Great idea Irish!

    Here's my b/w Please Check in.
  6. Gorgeous! I really need a black and white scarf (without the red.)

  7. Here are some of mine! :biggrin:

    Chasse en Afrique
    Kelly en Caleche
    DSCN1614.JPG af.jpg kenc.jpg
  8. My dearerest Precious Moments Turkey (Eat Ham) with Vintage Jeu Des Omnibus 1937 Reissue 2007 (Noir/Blanc/Gris Perle)

  9. Parade (men's collection 70) I also have En Desordre but can't find a pic of it.
  10. H en Voyage in red / green and Sangles cotton (does 70cm cotton count :graucho:)
    H en voyage.jpg sangles.jpg
  11. Those omnibuses are KILLING ME! I love them!

    Thanks for adding the pics everyone!

    Keep 'em coming!
  12. Cool thread! Great ideas for scarves this size.
  13. Love this thread! And here are mine:
    Les Voitures a Transformation
    H en Voyage
    Copy of P1110787.JPG Copy of P1110790.JPG Copy of P1110791.JPG
  14. Love it Irish! Great idea! Here are a few of mine..will post more later
    ctmpphpcBcJdk.jpg tmpphpGOtJRb.jpg tmpphpul3V8b.jpg tmpphpUoqbsa.jpg
  15. Fabulous idea IL, thanks for starting this thread! Am a huge fan of the 70cm, more so than the 90cm. Great pics everyone...