ODE to the 25cm Birkin

  1. I:heart: my 25cm or baby birkins. They are probably not the favourite choice amongst the various birkin sizes.. but they are so adorable! Great for both casual and more dressy occassions...

    I hope that the baby birkin owners among the tpfers will post pictures of their babies in this thread. Let me start the ball rolling...:yes:


    Jaune epsom, Etrusque Lizard :love:
  2. :love::love: Lovely bags!!
  3. This is a topic near and dear to my heart! :heart: This is my favorite bag in the entire bag universe. In fact, I just learned that my recent PO is coming in and I will have my next 25cm Birkin within about a week or so!:yahoo:

    Here are my current togo babies:


    I love the way they look all buttoned up.

    In action:

    With fave shoes:

    What fits inside:

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  4. ^^NS, hint on what the po is?? I can't wait to see it.

    Beautiful bags, ladies!
  5. Don't let the perceived size of the 25 fool you. It holds a LOT! Look at it from the standpoint of depth ( front to back ) rather than length, right to left.

    It's relatively deep and as you can see from Ninja Sue's pictures, it's an ideal bag for day or night!

    Similar to the HAC 28....smaller, yes, but holds oh so much!

    Added bonus is that it's light!!
  6. The 25 looks amazing!! Love the pics so far!!

    I tried one on and was pleasantly surprised how great it looked!
  7. I love all of the pictures. :smile: The Baby Birkin is
    cute. :smile:
  8. Thanks for starting this thread... I've always been curious about this size of Birkin and the women who can carry it off.

    ILML is going to love this thread... I believe this is ner new favourite size of Birkin...
  9. Archangel I love your two baby Birkins. Jaune is really growing on me (elizabethk should be happy to hear that) because it's the perfect shade and all other types of yellows used to bother me growing up. And Etrusque LIZARD? OMG. TDF. :tender:

    What a pair of beauties!!!!! They can go anywhere!
  10. Miss Ninja The Queen Of 25's....So Perfect On You!!!!!!!!

    I :heart: 25's....Especially In Lizard....Black & Vermillion:love:
  11. Archangel~I love those baby Birkins! The Yellow is TDF! It POPS right out at you!
    NinjaSue~ fabulous modeling pics. This gives a real depiction on size! Love it!
  12. What a great thread. Here are a couple of pictures of my BJ 25 togo birkin. I like this bag in the summer with lighter-weight clothing. But it is still carried in the winter.
    h1.jpg h2.jpg
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  13. Such beauties! Love the 25´s!
  14. Picture of baby birkins from Loire-Kobe... I wish there were mine though...

  15. here's my rouge vif lizard 25 birkin with ruthenium H :



    ^when i was 6 month pregnant last yr