Ode to Spring - a Violet triptych, parts 1 2 & 3 (updated post #35)

  1. Yesterday I made the pilgrimage to the San Francisco boutique after receiving a call from my SA with the good news that something special in Violet finally arrived. Thanks to Ivan's up-selling, I am celebrating Spring 2012 with a BV Violet triptych.:hbeat: Here's a hint...
    Violet detail.JPG
  2. This must be the violet lambskin bag.
    Congratulations! :balloon:
  3. I die.
  4. It is. The lambskin is TDF and the bag is so edgy for BV. Posting pictures shortly.
  5. Bring it on! This Violet looks like one of the most beautiful colors!!!
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    Introducing my Violet Lambskin clear PVC detailed bag. The color is gorgeous beyond belief.
    bag medium 2.jpg
  7. Is that silvery stiching the PVC? I wonder why they don't use a leather weaving? In any case, I agree, I love this new violet!!!!!
  8. And here is her sister - my Violet Lambskin zip around wallet.
    wallet medium.jpg
  9. The shiny effect is the PVC weave. It is over stitched with black. The PVC is also used in a new "double" lambskin hobo. I actually had the large violet cabat on hold but fell for the edginess of this new weave treatment. This bag was one of the runway looks for SS12:
  10. Here are parts 1 and 2 of my violet triptych. Part 3 is on order and will arrive next week.
    Bag&Wallet medium.JPG
  11. That is Tdf!!!!
  12. The duo are TDF. 'Can't wait for the third piece to arrive next week. This is my holy grail of BV colors. I love purple. DH was teasing me last night because Violet exactly matches the color of our front door. Now when I need to have the color matched again, I can just show my bag to the guys at Dunn Edwards.
  13. :lol:

  14. Just lovely!!! I adore that colour. Congrats!!!
  15. OMG!!! I'm falling in love with this color... and the lambskin bag looks so luscious. What a great choice! Enjoy...