Ode to Silver

  1. Polaremil - WOW!! What a pretty bracelet!!

  2. MaiTai, I bought my narrow boucle sellier bracelet used and have worn it daily for over a year. It has developed the kind of soft patina I like on silver. Will try to take a picture of it this weekend. I also have the matching necklace, but it is newer and not as tarnished.
  3. Rose de Mer Pendant Necklace

    DSCF3378.jpg DSCF3381.jpg
  4. :drool: wow, stunning and so dramatic! congrats!!!

  5. Another dangerous thread. I think I must simply go check out the farandole, it looks very versatile.
  6. I saw this and the matching earrings in rose gold today, they were gorgeous!!! Beautiful!

    On another note, I tried on the farandole necklace again. It is sooo gorgeous! I sooo want one!

  7. I totally agreed. I also want the farandole necklace now.

    mrssparkles, the Rose de Mer pendant looks lovely on you. :tup:
  8. Mrs Sparkles:Wow,the Rose de mer necklace is absolutely beautiful,TDF!!!:drool:
  9. Thank you, rileygirl, emma, choco & trisha.

    rileygirl, I didn't know there are matching earrings! Would love to see what they look like.
  10. Yes! And make sure you try the different lengths to see what works for you. It is one of the best, if not the best selling silver necklace for Hermes.
  11. Torsade bracelet

  12. A real beauty - thanks polaremil for posting this!
  13. Stunning composition Mai Tai thank you for bring yet more inspiration to this thread :heart:
  14. Your killing me H Nuttynut! I had totally forgotten this one. It's stunning! I think I have seen a version in wg with diamonds which was also:drool:. Maybe not for everyday.
  15. ^^^ Thanks polaremil!! I'm glad I can inspire!! :okay: