Ode to Silk GM Scarves/Shawls

  1. This coup de fouet fits you so well ! Love love those soft candy colours ! They remind me of this wonderful and aesthetic movie Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola 💜💙💗 beautiful !!
  2. Just for the record, pics of Grand Manege giant silk in c/w 04, saumon/orange/blue.

    I did NOT keep this one, the border is more orange than pink and the interior orange and rust just didn't work for me. But it's very pretty!

    (The bags it's with are Flamingo, Rose Jaipur and Parchemin)
    DSCN2636.jpg DSCN2640.jpg

    Is there a difference between the Summer Twill and the Twill Plume 140cm scarf?

    I purchased the Lahlbai "Summer Twill" a few seasons back and it is a very thin, very lightweight, GM scarf.

    Now Hermes calls these giant silk scarves "Twill Plume".

    Can anybody tell me if the newer patterns (Marcelina, Coup du Fouet, Folklore, Grand Manege, etc.,) are made from the same weight and thickness of silk as the Lalbhai? Or are then now heavier, like the 90 cm silk twills? There must be something that changed, because they changed the name.

    Thank you in advance to anyone who can definitively answer this question for me!

  4. I have the Lalbhai and an Equater and a Marcelina GM summer silk. The latter two are both a heavier silk than the Lalbhai GM though definitely a different weave than the 90 carres.

  5. I find the Twill Plume stiffer than summer twills. But maybe this is due to the design. My summer twills are definitely smoother than Twills Plume
  6. Thank you! :yes::smile:

  7. scarfmischief, the newer giant silks are 6 grams heavier than the original Lalbahi giant silk GMs.

    A new silk 90 weighs 70g. so I assume they must be made of heavier silk than the 140 at 86g.

    (The silk dip dye GMs weigh 156g. or almost twice as much as the Lalbahi. Perhaps they're made of the same silk as the 90 squares?)

    Below, pictures and tags from the original Lalbhai, an Equateur bought last year, a brand new Folklore, and a GM silk Dip Dye. HTH. :smile:
    DSCN8560.jpg DSCN1006.jpg DSCN8405.jpg DSCN0568.jpg DSCN2821.jpg DSCN2509.jpg DSCN8566.jpg bdegtag.jpg

  8. Wow Pierina, thanks so much for that exact information. You've got a scale - impressive! You are one serious collector, I must say!

    I wish they would have kept the weight at the Summer Twill weight, I really like the slinky-ness of the Summer Twill!

  9. Anfang and Memo, thanks for answering me!

  10. Oh my, the labhai is to die for !! I am sooo sad I missed it :sad:( now have to wait hopefully for a reissue...sigh...
  11. This is definitely a gorgy silk but I too had trouble with theorange and rust. Whew... not a good look.

    P, we (as in I ;)) need more mod shots of your Vert Folklore hunny!!! I'm swooning and I need a push over the edge! The white hem has me seriously craving this for Spring!
  12. I found the scale in the kitchen. :smile: The Folklore is pretty slinky, it might be worth your while to try to see it in person. I wondered if the weight of the Lalbhai was almost insufficient to print on, perhaps it was difficult to keep such a large slippery piece of silk stable? All in all, I find it's a very useful format and am glad that they came out with it.
  13. Thank you, ayala_jessica, you can also keep an eye on resellers like Jan at Its-All-Goode or eBay. :smile:

    Ok, here you go, IF, pictures of the white edge up closer and of the shawl worn with black. Which works even though the large dark areas of the design are deep navy.
    DSCN2848.jpg DSCN2827.jpg
  14. oh pierina, u wear your Folklore so well! I begin to wonder if I should get yours as well! Yours is very springy.It looks so good when worn!
  15. Thank you, D Lee! I wasn't convinced either until I tried it on. :smile: And you're exactly right, it is very Springy.