Ode to Silk GM Scarves/Shawls

  1. This thread is to share our love for the all silk 140cm scarves. Discussion of the cashmere/silk 140cm should be taken into this thread. Please keep it off this thread.

    Traditionally, 140cm silks were only avail in silk crepe or silk mousselline, not twill.
    But in recent years, H has come out with
    Summer Twill
    Dip Dye 140cm
    Giant Washed Twill

    Giant Washed Silk
    Kelly en Perles
    Fleurs d'Indiennes
    (please feel free to add to the list)

    Dip Dye 140cm
    Brides de Gala (2010)
    Les Cles (2010)
    Ex Libris (2011)
    Cliquettis (2011)
    Bouclerie D'Attelages (2012)
    Brazil II (2012)
    Quadridge (2013)

    Summer Twill
    Lalbhai (2011)
    Kachinas (2012)
    Magic Kelly (2012)
    Coaching (2012)
    Fabric des Rubans (2012)
    Equateur (2013)
    Astrologue Nouvelle (2013)


  2. Thank you....you are so knowledgeable
  3. so looking forward to this thread! i will look though notes soon and try to add some c/w info and such! thanks!:biggrin:
  4. I am a newbie to Hermes altogether and while I love the 90cm scarves, I am really in love with the 140cm goodies.

    I recently bought the Brazil II dip dye (cw01) and it's gorgeous...although my photos are not. I am not at home right now but will take better photos when I can.

    The whole scarf:

    Bottom right:

    Bottom left:

    Top left:

    Top right:
  5. Maybe this thread should go to the clubhouse to be consistent?
  6. Thank you so much Seton, for starting this....I love 140 silks and am especially excited to see how the Astrologie Nouvelle from this upcoming and newly arriving season will look!!!!
  7. This thread will be moved to the clubhouse once it gained sufficient traction.

    Looking forward to seeing the scarves. IMO, the 140 is easier to wear as it can be casually draped over the shoulders (like the cashmere/silk shawls). It's TOO hot where I'm to have scarves tied around the neck, hence using the 90 carre is always a challenge.

    I like the weight and feel of the dip dye and washed silks. They are my favourites (aside from the c/s shawls of course).
  8. Great thread, I'm excited to see what I might have missed! :graucho:
    A tPFer purchased the 2012 Coaching summer silk in a blue/white cw and for the life of me I can't find the picture. Does anyone have it saved or any info on it?
  9. Great idea, Seton! I love the 140s, they just make a great design that much more special. Here are my contributions:

    Giant Washed Silk - Psyche - 2012:


    Summer Twill - Equateur - 2013:


    Sincerely hoping H will continue to produce more and more designs for us to enjoy on a large scale!
  10. Oooh, love this size! And the dip dyes feel so good.
  11. Thank you for this thread! My Psyche giant washed twill is my hands down favorite scarf and I'm always searching for info on any new giant washed (lave) twill releases. The SAs in NY generally only have info on the summer twills which are too light for my tastes. Looking forward to sharing info!
  12. Great memory! That was me...
    image-4057301014.jpg image-4144312514.jpg image-2440039312.jpg
  13. I have to say, this is currently my favorite size. I find that I don't wear the 90cms too much because then I can't wear a necklace. With this size, I can do both. I'm still hoping to find a Magic Kelly.
  14. Lalbhai 2011

  15. Woefully for my wallet the 140 silks are my favorite these days. Coaching men's crinkle silk SS 2012.