Ode to raisin

  1. I did a search, as I thought maybe this had been done already, but came up empty. (Mods, please consolidate if this is a duplicate.)
    Here is my small raisin collection, for you raisinettes out there...
    The new addition is the 35 Birkin, togo, PH. My first togo bag. Although it smells like clemence!
    The others are a Medor pochette in box, and a whitebus (smallest size) also in box.
    Raisin is just the most wonderful color. It's a neutral, it's a color...and it changes depending on the lighting.
    Please add your raisin photos!
    RaisinTogo10001.JPG Medor pochette 30001.JPG Mini white bus - 10001.JPG RaisinCollection10001.JPG RaisinWB0001.JPG
  2. Beautiful! (and not a SMALL collection at all!!)

    Amazing how the raisin has a different character on the togo vs. box. May I ask how much the medor was? (if this isn't the right place to ask, forgive me!)
  3. Your collection is beautiful. Raisin is one of my favourite colours. Looking forward to seeing more pictures. Happy new year to you all.
  4. [​IMG]

  5. Love the color and your choices:heart:
  6. Congrats on your new addition! :tup:

    I adore Raisin, it's definitely my favourite H colour. Here's my 5 year old Miss Prunella in box calf:love: I use it a lot and I swear it looks better every day. You can see how different the colour looks depending on the light.



  7. Loony, it's stupendous--add that to my list of must-haves!
    piaffe, the Medor clutch was 2650 euros this past fall.
    I didn't include photos of the bags in dark lighting, but, it can look very dark, almost black, when the lighting is dim. It's the most versatile color around, IMO! I love it in box the best. It is more muted, and slightly more "prune" (does anyone here remember that color? I think it has been discontinued) in togo and more bluish in box.
  8. OMG - I just love raisin...I especially love it in chevre! Let me find a picture to add. Love that Medor clutch!
  9. Wow, wow, wow, Pepper!! Congrats on the newest addition to your gorgeous raisin collection!
  10. :drool: !!!!
    Congrats, and thank you so much for this pic !!!
    I need some Raisin (before anything else ;) )...
  11. Ninja Sue, I think of you whenever I pull out the mini whitebus!
  12. Don't forget to put your raisin pics in our reference threads if you have not already!
  13. oops...forgot to say GORGEOUS!!!
  14. Hi KB!! Yes, the whitebus is already there; the Medor is elsewhere on tPF but I will be sure to add it and the Birkin! :smile:
  15. Pepper, congrats on your gorgeous new addition! I, too, am a huge raisin fan.