Ode to Opli

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  1. Opli is a relatively new design from Hermes and since I haven’t read much here, thought I will start one here.
    I’m going to share my Opli in Cuivre / Orange P. I think this bag has potential to be a very versatile bag, like a Halzan. It is simple yet roomy but of course to each his own... :biggrin:

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  2. Jzmn, I love your bag. Opli is very chic IMO, easy to wear, under the radar but luxurious. Big congrats. If you could post a modeling pic, it would be useful. :flowers:
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  3. Giving a bump to this thread.
    I would also love to see some modeling shots. Is yours a 28 cm? I love this new leather and love that this is designed to be a cross body bag.
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  4. hi there,

    thanks for starting this thread. I was just looking some info for this new bag.

    is the strap detachable? can you show us a photo to see how it looks on the side when the strap is removed?

    thanks a lot!
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    The opli comes in 3 versions: the clutch without strap, 24cm with strap, and 28cm with strap. The strap is not detachable but the length can be adjusted so it can be worn on the shoulder and crossbody.

    I have the 28cm. Internally there are 3 compartments. However, due to the side folds, it may be difficult to fit a bulky long wallet.

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  6. Sorry for the late reply... yes mine is a 28cm.
  7. The strap is not detachable. They have another that is one size smaller without the strap, it is use as a clutch instead of sling or crossbody.
  8. Very nice color combo
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  9. Very lovely! I love how it comes with a different colored lining and the bag shape reminds me of origami folds:heart:. It looks like it can hold more than one might initially think because of the side folds, but I agree, it would be very difficult to squeeze a checkbook length wallet inside. Congratulations!
  10. Cross body messengers are very handy. Congratulations!

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  12. Thank you for the picture! Looks great on you!
  13. Would love to hear more about this bag. For those who have it, how have you been enjoying it? I read there might be a chain strap version released later this year?
  14. I have an Opli and love it because of the verso colours (mine is indigo/rouge), multiple compartments (3), adjustable strap (can be carried short or long on the shoulder as well as crossbody, lightweight novillo leather, and its magnetic closure. Can be carried day or night seamlessly. It suited my needs and has been a great travel companion as well!

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  15. I’m enjoying mine, the 28cm in bleu indigo/ orange poppy. The strap is wide and therefore the bag is very comfortable on the shoulder. It is under the radar and I received many compliments for its unique shape. Novillo leather also seems relatively fuss free.