Ode to my Trompe L'Oeil pochette

  1. I just had to share this little story:heart: I've recently become a Hermes fan, and all of my bag purchases have been from Hermes, but during my vacation, I came across my Trompe L'Oeil pochette.

    I saw it in some magazines during the summer of 2004 and even read a 3-page article in "Harper's Bazaar" dedicated to this bag (which I've clipped and saved). I knew I had to have it, even though I was a struggling graduate student at the time, so I put my name on the long waitlist and saved what little money I made (and held onto money I already had) so that I'd be ready when the time came. I called the LV hotline every couple of weeks for months to make sure that they hadn't dropped my name or that I hadn't missed a call. And about a week before Christmas that year, I finally got the call! I dropped what I was doing and drove 60 miles to the store where I ordered it from and met with one of the store managers. I beamed at him and oohed and ahhed over the pochette as he removed it from the box and keeper bag and handed it to me for final inspection. Other people in the store (doing their holiday shopping) stared and asked their SAs how they could get my bag, but the SAs had to explain that they didn't have any to sell them.

    I've used the bag only twice, but I don't worry that I "wasted" my money on it because I love it so much. It's possible that I may have to quit my job or be forced to leave (my boss is an unethical man who could possibly ruin my career), so, sadly, I had to look at my "assets" in case I needed the extra cash and prioritize my bags. This little pochette went to the "absolutely last resort" pile (though I :heart: it, I realize that in the grand scheme of things, bags are things, and life goes beyond things), even, dare I say?:shrugs: , ahead of most of my Hermes bags.

    OK, enough reading, here's a pic:
  2. I'm so sorry that drama with your boss is going on. Your Trompe L'Oiel is fab, once again, as I tell like every person who has one, this is like my favorite line! It really took a lot for you to get one and I hope you won't have to part with it. If you do, enjoy it for as long as you can! Good luck!
  3. aww this is a touching story! The trompe L'Oeil pochette is my FAVE pochette of ALL times so I definitely understand the feeling of not being able to (or even considering) selling her.

    Sorry to hear about your boss. If he doesnt shape up, you will end up finding work with a better company AND you'll still have your pochette. Best of luck in your future!!
  4. I love the trompe l oeuil too! I dying to get one
  5. Thanks, you gals...and monogramboy!

    Just taking my job day by day, but I know I'll be OK.
  6. oh dear! i hope it never gets to that! im sure you will be able to keep all of your lovely bags!
  7. Hope everything works out ok. I love the Trompe O'eil line. :heart: I've never seen it in person but from pics I just adore it :yes:
  8. awe, what a cute story!! I hope you don't have to part with the L'Oeil either. I really love mine, although I've only wore it once too! :shame: but, I know I'm going to wear it more! your story makes me appreciate mine more.....best of luck!
  9. aww...i hope everything goes okay for you at work. I have the same bag and I love it to pieces...