Ode to leather key charms - animals, fruits, luck, motion!

  1. So pretty:smile: Love both sides of your deer!
  2. Hi, joining in with my new Horsey charms, couldn't resist the bigger one for my Evelyne GM:biggrin:

    Bottom pic is for comparison-
    photo-90_zps39bbd3ba-1.jpg photo-91_zps78f5b23e-1.jpg
  3. Those horsey charms are way too cute! Can I please ask how much? :smile:
  4. Hi KRZ- they're super soft, made of Swift leather.

    Large horse: US$500
    Small horse: $430

    I think they came in 3 colors: Bleu de Malte, Rubis, & Orange (sori, don't know corresponding H-name for the orange) HTH
  5. Rubis horsey charm with Rocabar twilies for fun-
  6. Thank you! Hoping to score some soon :smile: thanks for posting.
  7. My first one! Looks great on my Evelyne:smile:

    Lucky Horseshoe in Graphite/Orange Epsom
  8. So pretty!

    These horsey charms are adorable. Love it paired with twillies too:smile:
  9. Love your collection. I've just put my very first H charm on hold and I will pick it up this afternoon. It's the Lucky 4 Clover charm. Can't wait!
  10. Has anyone seen the new horsehair charm, I just bought one with grany leather and wondered if there are others out there (it is not the barenia one but looks similar).
  11. I have not seen it either so far...
    I LOVE horsehaircharms!!!
    Would you mind posting a picture?
  12. Is it this type?
  13. Mine is similar but not at all the same, the new issue is grany color leather, I think swift. The leather is wound around several times on top tohold the horsehair together and the horsehair appears longer than the former ones and it is in the natural color.
    I think it is part of the paddock charms collection (there is even a whip available....as a charm also).
  14. Show us a picture.