Ode to leather key charms - animals, fruits, luck, motion!

  1. I have a wee obsession with those precious little leather animal key charms, which has now expanded to include the fruit, motion, and luck key charm kind. Don't get me wrong, i do appreciate the carmen and carmencita types and own a couple myself, bit there is something extra charming about the others that I cant resist. I know other members share this passion and many have their own leather animal/fruit, etc. key charm collections.

    Being that many of these leather charms are only available for a few seasons, I've always wondered which ones I've missed out on. Please post photos of your own leather key charms and even how you use them.
  2. I love and collect these wee charms, although I hardly use them on my bags.

    Allow me to start off this ode with the limited edition Berlin bear charm to commemorate the dual celebrations of the opening of the new KaDeWe store and the re-opening of the Berlin store, in September 2011.
    Berlin Bear - front.jpg Berlin Bear - back.jpg
  3. How about if we move this to Hermes Clubhouse? To allow this thread to be permanent?:idea:
  4. Yes, the thread will be moved once it gain some traction and visibility. :smile:
  5. I will start with my animal critters:

    Year of the Ox
    Year of the Horse
    Leo the Lion
    image-97592505.png image-1136912194.png image-953728021.png
  6. Fun thread! Mine can be seen on my avatar :smile:.
  7. Oh these were just on my mind...it is becoming an obsession of mine too which I am just starting to explore...they just add a hint of fun to our H bags...cant wait to see what else is to come and I love what you ladies already posted!!!
  8. More animal critters-

    Year of the Rabbit
    image-285094827.png image-755937331.png image-223303749.png
  9. Charms for luck-

    Four leaf clover
    Lucky horseshoe
    image-83512372.png image-523478421.png
  10. A little transportation fun-

    Sports car (I fancy that it's a Bugatti for my bolides)
    image-1322589759.png image-1241054676.png image-4206737453.png
  11. My hippo charm on my new Club B
    MY DS really loves these charms~
    photo (109).jpg
  12. Miscellaneous-

    Shoes & Shopping
    image-2674643238.png image-3360548472.png image-2532909495.png
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    Barenia charm from 2010.
    Keycharm 2010.jpg 2010Keyring1.jpg
  14. Nothing more special than a gift from a friend across the oceans...

    Apple Charm (:hbeat::hugs:)
  15. My own pair of baby shoes:
    Various Key Charms from Reseller Loire Kobe: