Ode to La Femme aux Semelles de Vent

  1. Due to the stunning powers of this scarf and the clever, beautiful women that have bought and wear them I thought it deserved its own ode.

    Everyone post your odes, info and/or pics scarves or GMs in this thread :biggrin:
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  3. Here is my silk carre blk/gld and co-ordinating extra-wide bangle.


  4. Here I am, wearing B&W La Femme, tomorrow I'll post my other cw:
    Thank you PaperT, you had a great idea!

    IMG_0514 copy.JPG
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    Here's mine: Cashmere GM - Noisette/Absinthe/Sepia Colorway 05

  6. Here's mine - 90 cm silk twill in Color 6 (I think) - Vieux Rose/Sepia/Vert Amande.

    And thanks for posting that very interesting Wikipedia article!:ty:
    tmpphp4P5tAn.jpg tmpphpqPf7iR.jpg
  7. Loved seeing the scarf with the bangle! I don't have photos, but I have the silk twill in the black/white and in fuchsia and the cashmere/silk GM in fuchsia. Love them all - looking forward to more photos...
  8. Hi ladies! This is the whole colorway for your reference, enjoy!:biggrin:



    002496S01LA FEMME AUX SEMELLES DE VENT copia.jpg 002496S02 copia.jpg 002496S03 copia.jpg
  9. Going on...



    002496S04 copia.jpg 002496S05 copia.jpg 002496S06 copia.jpg
  10. And the last trio!:yahoo:



    002496S07 copia.jpg 002496S08 copia.jpg 002496S09 copia.jpg
  11. Papertiger: fab idea. Great FASV everyone. Birkinmary, so nice to see you, you look great!
    Here is my contribution:
  12. Same 90 silk of la Femme aux Semelles de Vent, and BK #2 with DP
  13. La Femme is my first Hermes shawl GM, and I am twins with Lanit (noisete, noir, absynthe). I would love to get the carre in the neutrals colorway.
    This design is so beautiful and complex, and I love the back story of the French woman who traveled to distant lands by the slowest means available. Her story resonates with me, as a woman who loves to travel and who has visited all 7 continents (in relative comfort, here in the 20th and 21st centuries). As with many of the Hermes scarves, one may love it for the sheer beauty, or on other levels.
  14. I read "Voyage d'une parisienne à Lhassa" a while back and was deeply impressed by A D-N. I'm new to Hermès scarves but when I realised there was a scarf made after her story, I knew I just had to have it. I wanted the black cw and of course it was sold out everywhere... I thought I 'd have to resort to the Bay when I finally managed to track one down!!!! :yahoo: I love it! Not just because it's beautiful but because of the story behind it.
  15. I like it in rouge best. Love the animal prints and how everything comes together in an elegant ethnic way.