Ode to fromparis and Baby Boo

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  1. There once was a lady named Roo
    Who went to France to meet fromparis and Baby Boo
    They talked about purses and fashion
    and agreed it was this passion
    that caused them to spend "beaucoup"!
    They walked around PARIS till their legs went numb
    and then stopped for a break at Ladurée- yum!!
    But alas Roo had to say goodbye
    since her plane to Seattle was ready to fly.
    So even though Roo had to say "Adieu"...
    The memories of fun will last through and through
    They will always remember shouting "Allez, allez!"
    "How late is Chanel open today?"

    I :heart: you gals................ :love:

    ;) Happy Holidays ;) :kiss:

    And that, ladies (and gents) is your "cheese" for the day. :P
  2. Thank you so much Roo:love: for your Ode:blush: !!!
    I'm so happy we become friends :yahoo: !!!

    But most important today :

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROO:balloon: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :party: :happydance::rochard:

    I wish I was in US today to share Champagne with you:drinkup: !!!!!
  3. Happy Birthday, Roo!:yahoo: I'm sure you ladies had a great time in Paris. Ah, one of these days, I'll get there!
  4. LOL! That was good Roo!!!
    Glad you guys had fun, and happy birthday!!
  5. AHH ROOOOO HAPPPPY BIRTHDA!Y~! i just got back on the PF for the first ime in over a weeeeekkk aDN WOOOHOO wat a great pressie love it!!!

    hope you have a great day..

  6. Happy birthday Roo :smile:
  7. Happy Birthday Roo!
    Cute poem.
  8. That was such a cute poem! Happy b-day Roo!!!!
  9. that was sweet

    Happy Birthday
  10. Thanks, girls! :heart:
  11. Happy belated bday Roo and welcome back. Glad you gals had fuuuunnnn.
  12. So cute :smile:

    Happy Birthday!
  13. So cute- glad you all got to meet up!!! That is what I love about this place, brings people and friends together!!! :love:

    Happy belated b-day Roo!!!!!! :party:
  14. Thanks again guys!! :love::flowers:
  15. Soooo cute. :smile: Happy birthday!