Ode to fromparis and Baby Boo


Apr 28, 2006
There once was a lady named Roo
Who went to France to meet fromparis and Baby Boo
They talked about purses and fashion
and agreed it was this passion
that caused them to spend "beaucoup"!
They walked around PARIS till their legs went numb
and then stopped for a break at Ladurée- yum!!
But alas Roo had to say goodbye
since her plane to Seattle was ready to fly.
So even though Roo had to say "Adieu"...
The memories of fun will last through and through
They will always remember shouting "Allez, allez!"
"How late is Chanel open today?"

I :heart: you gals................ :love:

;) Happy Holidays ;) :kiss:

And that, ladies (and gents) is your "cheese" for the day. :P