Ode to Cornflower

  1. I took my new cornflower box out for it's debut this weekend. I had to go into Boston, pick up my sister, and then we hit the malls for some shopping. First off, I love the box shape. This is my first box (have a twiggy) and I have to say, it's holds a ton. I had plenty of room for everything I needed.

    Secondly...........I have never, ever gotten so many compliments on a bag. Everyone who commented just loved the color!! I have to admit, it is gorgeous. I find myself just gazing at it and being amazed at how pretty it is. It's perfect for me as I am mostly a casual dresser, don't need to dress up to go to work as I work at home. I wear lots of denim in my wardrobe and it works so well.

    If anyone has been on the fence with cornflower, go for it. You will not regret it. It works with light colors as well as black or darker outfits.
  2. I think the cornflower is one of the prettiest colors!!! What I love about the box is that it keeps it shape!!!
  3. I also have the Cornflower box and just love it! The color is amazing. Enjoy your bag
  4. I think cornflower blue is really pretty too! I don't have any in this colour but I'll always remember Tanja's cornflower First! So gorge!
  5. freetoes, it sounds like you and cornflower are a perfect match. congrats and continue to enjoy her!
  6. Wow, Freetoes!

    We are living parallel lives! I just got a Cornflower box from a fabulous PF'er this weekend. I feel exactly the same way you do about the color, the shape of the box, that it's great with denim, etc...

    I Lubridermed mine because I prefer the less-veiny look. I have it hanging on my bedroom door knob so that I can gaze at it when in bed or watching TV. :tender: