Ode to Bottega Veneta!

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  1. Hi!
    Today I visited for the first time in my life a Hermes boutique. I expected to see some pretty amazing stuff but to tell the truth I wasn't amazed at all. As a matter of fact I came to realise that I like the bags, accessories and in general the whole BV collection much more. Am I crazy? I mean Hermes is supposed to be the Holy Grail and I don't seem to like it. In fact right now I worship even more BV. Do you feel the same or am I the only one?:rolleyes:
  2. Nope I don't think you're the only one. But I'm no expert in both (dont own any bags from either brand), just have a few accessories from both brands. Can really say aft using both, I :heart::heart::heart::heart: BV more..:yahoo:
    Currently stalking a BV bag, hope to win it and finally own a BV bag!!:P
  3. You are definately not the only one. My mind still belongs to BV even after several H bags. BV is so understated, classic and elegant. And the most important of all, at least to me, is the light weight. Hermes has excellent leather, craftmanship and amazing color range, but for me, BV is more like a long lasting love. My ebano Veneta is currently at Bv for cleaning /conditioning and I can't wait for it to come back. It's hard to part with BV even for a short while. :P Your BV collection will you bring you a lot of enjoyment for the years to come.
  4. No, you are not alone. I visited a Hermes boutique in London and was not really knocked over by anything except the Diamond Croc Birkin which, to me looks like it belongs in a museum or on a shelf.:nuts: I much prefer the understated elegance of BV.
  5. BV is like nice, comfy home to me (and so is the BV sub).:heart:
  6. Kassandra, I feel the way you do.
  7. I have both, but love BV the most. There is something more earthy, sensual, tactile, luscious about BV. I feel more physically connected to the bags. They are more of an intimate experience, inside and out. With H, I love the classic lines...but they feel more remote, more of a shell. Does this make sense? I like reading these threads because they always make me feel good.
  8. I don't really care for Hermes either. Don't feel pressured to believe that Hermes is the "holy grail." I appreciate the bags but have no desire to own one.
  9. Jane - you hit the nail on the head. Hermes is not the Holy Grail for everyone. For me, its definitely BV. Especially the one in the pic above!
  10. i love both, but find myself reaching for BVs more often due to weight issue.

    i am starting a little rainbow of H to tote about though since i find their accessories lighter.
  11. Having both Hermes and BV, I have to say that I really think the BV leather is amazing. It DOES hold a candle to Hermes IMHO.
  12. Thank God, I'm not alone! :smile:Today's Hermes experience was quite disappointing for me. Well who knows maybe later in the future I might like their products more:shrugs:.

    frzsri I hope that you will get the bag you want soon. May I ask what do you have in mind?

    dolphingirl a few years ago I decided I wanted to build a collection with timeless bags that I could use for many years to come. Until then I was purchasing mostly the "it" bags but wasn't satisfied. Then after much thinking and searching I discovered BV! You are right that BV is classic and I hope to enjoy my little collection for years to come!

    kroquet, Mid-, LLANeedle, jane, doloresmia, piperlu I'm so glad there are other people out there sharing my passion! And Jane you are right about the Holy Grail thing. But I've always thought that Hermes was the absolute TOP. Now I have to reconsider!

    jburgh your description of the qualities of the BV is just perfect! Sensual and earthy. You are so right!

    Well I think as far as I am concerned it's official! I prefer BV over Hermes. Now I can't wait for the amazing SS collection and the wonderful copper!:yahoo:

  13. Ooooooo, you're turning me on :heart:! :roflmfao: No really.......:yes:
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:^^^^ Jburgh - do you moonlight at one of those phone in places?? You know the ones I am talking about???:nuts::roflmfao:
  15. The one that I was stalking fell through:crybaby:I'm totally obsessed with the large Veneta preferably in Ebano or Moro..but budget dictates there's a limit to what I can spend on it.
    So unless I find the perfect one with the right price, may buy another style of BV to tide me over till the right one comes along or till the S/S sales start:sad:
    Currently consoling myself with my lovely BV accessories..