Ode to bags we miss

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  1. Looking at the instagram 2008/2018 pictures has been a ton of fun.... As I was looking through old pix, I came across action shots of bags I miss.... or maybe it is my youth I miss

    Here is one from me to start us off.... Black Kelly 32 PHW. The leather scratched super easily. I miss her still.


    What do you miss?
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  2. My first H bag....Birkin 30 Noir GHW, I thought it was too small and that I needed a 35....boy was I wrong. 30 is perfect.
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  3. Love your whole outfit.
  4. You look fabulous! I passed my Retourne Box Kelly with these exact specs to my best friend. The 32 was too large for me and I didn't need to carry much after becoming a SAHM. She loves it and I get to see my bag whenever so I don't miss it at all. It's win win!
  5. The only bag I have ever really regretted re-homing.
    It was already broken in when I got it and I adored it because of that.

    Blue indigo clemence

  6. I miss my barenia fauve nilo b30
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    Miss my argyle grain d'H/swift with permabrass Kelly cut. Regret rehoming this.

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  8. I miss my metallic bronze kelly pochette.... I thought I didn’t have a clutch life (didn’t use her for a few years) so I re-home’d to a friend of mine. Now I’m trying to get her back and no such luck. :sad: I still look at her pix and my heart aches...

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  9. This thread is so sad! :crybaby: Now I’m terrified to even rehome a clic clac.
  10. I haven’t sold any yet that I miss and hopefully won’t. My heart hurts for your losses. Each of the bags rehomed so far were all great bags and I’m sure it hurts to miss them.
  11. I've sold many bags but the one I miss most is a Box Thalassa Blu Birkin 35 which I sold to a friend in Aus:sad:

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  12. This bag :heart: :heart: :heart:
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  13. I've given away plenty of Coach and Dooney and Bourke, but never any luxury goods, so I can't feel anyone's pain.
    Heck, I have sweaters that are more than 25 years old! :amuse:
  14. oh my , she is so gorgeous! Hope you find her soon
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  15. Shucks.... that sounds perfect! I am doing a sigh of regret with you.
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