ode to Audrey (where for art thou???) or Chloe's Through a New Lense

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  1. It's been ages since we heard from our good Chloe buddy Audrey. This thread is my ode to her :yes: She taught me how to choose good lighting for the best pics and which camera lense would show off our paddy's to their most luscious and luminous. In fact, Santa brought that very lense for DH - hee hee !

    I couldn't have captures these shots without Audrey's style and talent.

    Happy Holidays to you girl, whereever you are!! :heart:



  2. Now that's some great pictures! And wow what a collection!:nuts: :girlsigh:
  3. Thanks hinge13!

    They don't even come close to the pics Audrey used to post for us tho. :shame:

    It is fun trying- LOL

    Maybe tomorrow I'll get DH to snap some modeling photos!
  4. Holy moly! Those pics are incredible!!!! And I am so glad you started this thread, I have been missing Audrey and Lordguinney! Where are those ladies???
  5. I was wondering the other day about Audrey... she was on a lot when I first joined and was so knowledgable and helpful... and now she's never here! Beautiful bag by the way! Congrats!
  6. Gorgeous pics!!!! I miss Audrey too, she was so sweet and helpful! She gently steered me away from buying a fake paddy many moons ago.
  7. Awesome pictures. Thanks! Looks like you had a great teacher!
  8. Thanks ladies!! :cutesy:

    Here is another with my tiny clutch (it's sooo cute!!!)

  9. Hmwe46, your collection is gorgeous. Absolutely stunning paddies.
  10. :love: !!!

    and does anyone know if audrey is okay? i noticed she hadn't been posting and i pmed her awhile ago but never received a response...
  11. Dear Ladies:
    We must have the same taste and same hearts!!! Although I am still quite new to the forum and I too was thinking WHY we don't hear from our friend Audrey ANYMORE??? Hope she is just busy and have other things to do BESIDES shopping....

    Dear Hmwe46, LOVE your bags and I too am a sucker for RED in any shades...

    May 2007 bring all my friends at PF Health, Wealth AND BAGS!!!
  12. Hmwe46, those photos are tdf. Would you mind sharing with the rest of us your lighting and lense knowledge?
    I miss Audrey too! I hope she is healthy and happily enjoying her bags!
  13. You're pictures are amazing ! They make me want a Paddington. :biggrin:
  14. Wow, there are some names I haven't heard in a while. I wonder how they are!

    BTW, I love those pics!!! They look fab, not to mention those lovely paddies and the absolute fabulous silverado!!!! :drool:
  15. Awesome shots of your beautiful bags! The lighting is just perfect in your pics.