Odds of locating Chanel Pearl Necklace w/Crystal CC's

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  1. I'm back at wanting this necklace again. I should have purchased when I kept thinking about it over and over again. Well please let me know if you sight this lovely necklace. I have put an email out to Damien (DJO), maybe he can work his magic ... LOL

  2. You could try calling Cari in San Francisco to see if she has it (or can find it.) She is very friendly and if it's out there, she'll locate it. She's at the SF boutique.
  3. ItsMyWorld: This is so random and maybe inappropriate but I was just wondering.. Is Cari pregnant? I can't seem to get myself to ask whenever I see her because it just seems SO inappropriate for me to even bring up! I was just curious because she's a wonderful SA and if she is pregnant, I'd want to give her a little gift. I hope someone can tell me! I don't work with anyone else but her at the boutique so I can't even ask them.
  4. Thanks I will give her a call.
  5. She is. I say this with 99% certainty as I know she mentioned something really briefly awhile back... and really, unless she swallowed a basketball, she is PG. Hope it helps.

    (I was planning to give her a card fwiw.);)
  6. LOL Thank you for the clarification! I haven't seen her in about two months, so I wasn't sure. I wonder how far along she is? How wonderful that she is pregnant, I bet she and her husband are thrilled! She is a lovely SA, I could go on and on about her for days. :love:
  7. Me too. I adore Cari. She is the ONE SA in my (long!) history of shopping who has never made me feel uncomfortable. Even when I first started getting in to Chanel, she was so patient and kind. I think these boutiques can be intimidating the first time but she made the experience so pleasant and I've been loyal to her since.

    I don't know how far along she is or really any details about it but she looks really good! I just saw her recently.
  8. I saw it at the Saks in Chevy Chase just before Christmas and the next ECG is Jan 17! Good luck.
  9. Thanks ... keeping my fingers crossed.