Odds of finding a peppermint vernis wallet in a store?

  1. I have the sudden urge to have a peppermint vernis wallet. I've always loved the color, green is my favorite. Do you think I would be able to find a new one in a store? Or did they sell out a long time ago? I checked ebay with no luck.
  2. The chances of find one is 0 (zero) You might have some luck on Ebay from a MPRS
  3. Yeah i doubt you'll find one in a store, but its worth a call!

    866 - VUITTON
  4. There are only 2 left in all of USA> Boca raton and a store in Denver has one. I just asked about this color when i was on the phone with 866-vuitton.
  5. Oh, thank you!! Do you know if they will ship to Canada?
  6. Nope they wont.. you will have to have someone from the US purchase it and ship it to you.

    there are none in Canada I asked that too.
  7. Oh darn. Thank you so much for asking for me, that was so thoughtful of you!
  8. Np, I wish they would transfer a store here.. I could get a panda cles :smile: or indigo item but NOPE
  9. I think the do transfer. Well my SA does it for me...try asking your SA
  10. They will not transfer from the US to Canada, even if you call the store they wont do it.
  11. I wonder why not?

    Did they happen to mention what style of wallet was available at the two locations?
  12. Pti!
  13. i have a peppermint ludlow i've been thinking of listing on ebay as im not that into it.. :P
  14. Sigh, do not tell me Boca! I might have to run down this weekend to drool over it. :nuts: Do you remember which wallet type it was?
  15. Bag Fetish replied: PTI. [Porte Tresor International] ;)