Oddly ambivalent about my new Coach

  1. Okay, so I cut my designer "teeth" on Coach. My first briefcase, diaper bag, handbag were all Coach. But in the past few years, I've branched out, and am aiming for more exclusive and unique brands (Kooba, Prada, Botkier, Be & D, Burberry, etc.). It's been awhile since I've bought a new Coach, but 3 weeks ago, I was in a Coach outlet, and found this beauty:


    Now, it was a steal at $165 (RP $458), and it's kinda boho-chic, roomy, and durable. Hits all my marks, but after I got it, I wondered, "Is Coach Passe?" I know there have been threads like this in the past, but as concerns this particular buy - do y'all think it was a good one?

    I took it to dinner with my family, and noticed 3 other women with Coach handbags, just in our dining area alone. Is the cache of Coach a thing of the past?

  2. I guess for *me* I dont care if it is or not. LOL I buy things because I like them, not because other's have it, or its popular or its unpopular!

    I will say that living in rural Alaska, I dont see too many Coach's. But Im always looking! HeHe
  3. we've had so many thread about this

    the bottom line is

    carry what you love and can afford

    you obviously don't love this bag, so return it and move on

    we shouldn't stress about this stuff, they're just purses

    do whatever makes you happy! :yes:
  4. ^^ Couldn't have said it better myself!
  5. I totally agree with Court if you dont love it dont keep it.
  6. Coaches are still rare where I live but I don't buy them because they are rare, I buy them because I love the look and durability!
  7. You know, I almost see more LV than coach. I'm not that into LV so I don't know much about fakes, but I'd bet many of them are fakes. Same with coach. Sad, but true. Plus, I think with some of the styles of the past few years, coach marketed itself toward a younger demographic. I don't want straw purses with fish all over them. That's just me. However, I love coach's leather bags. They last & develop a gorgeous patina comparable to bags that cost a thousand or more. I'm considering a Hermes, but I also have an ameribag that cost like $40 which I adore. It's all about what I like & what will fit into my life. I don't care if it's considered passe.

  8. Well said!! Oh, and ditto.
  9. I do see a ton of Coach bags now (real and fake) however the bag you got is gorgeous and I don't see hardly any people with that style. I say keep the bag and wear it outside!
  10. You are asking is Coach is passe in the Coach forum. :roflmfao: Obviously, we don't think so or we wouldn't be participating here!

    As for this particular bag, it is far more rare than others. I've never seen it on anyone myself.

    But previous posters are correct. The only thing that matters if if you love the bag, and it sounds like you don't. The best price on a bag is no deal if you don't love it!
  11. I have to agree that around here there are many more fake LV then Coach bags.
  12. I have it in khaki and LOVE IT!!!! If you don't, return it a get yourself something you deem has cache still...
  13. Amytude - I agree with you - the "young stuff" I automatically pass by. I go for more classic styles. They've been BIG on colors lately (ala Balenciaga?), but invariably, I find myself drawn to leather bags, which do, as you say, age really well.
  14. Ironically, I do love it. I loved it when I saw it, and love it still. But strangely, I was affected by all the Coaches out at dinner that night, that took the shine off the apple a little bit. I am going to keep it though - it's a perfect fit with my lifestyle, and I love it's look...
  15. Haute Mama - you are right! In fact, I started this thread in Handbags & purses, and it was moved - I kinda wanted a broader audience to answer the question, but it's appropriate that it ended up here, b/c like you all, I love Coach, too. It's probably just a question now of what I'm looking for with my money: a good quality beautiful purse, or that PLUS a little cache. Does that make sense? I have yet to figure out the answer....I do love the fact that this is a rare model, though - I hadn't seen anything like it when I grabbed it, either. And that's one more reason I think I'm gonna hang on to it! :yes: