Odd wording on Coach Creeds

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  1. Hi all-

    I have already read all of the Coach creed basics on the forum, but I still have a specific question.

    I have been seeing a lot of creeds that have the "sentence"-
    "Variations are a characteristic." It's a fractured sentence that doesn't completely make sense. I am wondering if these bags are legit.

    It usually says something like "scars and veins are a characteristic of the hides", or something to that effect.

    If you do a search on Ebay for a Penelope F14685, you will find several with pictures of creeds worded like that. And I found several other models of Coach bags with the same wording.

    I do know that the F stands for factory bags. And most of the bags I have seen with the odd sentence are the soft milled cowhide, and were made in China last year.

    I know the Coach bags have been made in China for years, but I also so this wording on a bag made in Vietnam. When did Coach start making bags in Vietnam?

    TIA :smile:
  2. It is an oddly structured sentence but I think the bags are genuine. But you should post your question under the Answers to Authenticy Questions thread:

    Here's an ebay link (NMA) with a clear pic of the creed:
  3. Coach changes the wording of the creeds every few years. If you see a lot of creeds that say the same thing, that's a pretty good sign that the wording is normal for the time period the bag was made. Remember though that it DOESN'T prove that the bag is genuine. The "scars, scratches, veins and wrinkles" creed was found on older all-leather bags made before production switched to China.

    Coach has been making bags in Vietnam for maybe two years.
  4. Thanks!

    I knew about the authentication thread for individual items, but I didn't know there was a general question thread.

    I will go peruse that thread now :smile: