Odd smell in brand new mono speedy 30?

  1. I have noticed that my brand new speedy which I've barely used and just purchased in August at LV has a different smell than my new neverfull. It's almost a burnt rubber mixed with leather type of smell...I think it may be coming from the lining of the pocket. Has anyone else noticed anything like this? I have had several brand new LVs so I know what they usually smell like...it's not that bad but weird...:confused1:
  2. Hmmm.... perhaps try spraying Febreeze lightly on the lining?
  3. That's an idea. I just don't get why it smells like that. I wonder if they are using something different for the pocket lining...:confused1:
  4. I'd go back there with it and talk to them about it. They may have some suggestions for dealing with it, or they may already know it's a problem with some bags and be prepared to exchange it. "It never hurts to ask nicely," as my dear mother would say. :yes:
  5. I am really bad with smells, I can't get over them! It would bother me so much I would have to sell it!
  6. When I bought my first LV, a mono speedy, I thought the smell was so strong and strange. But I think that's the vachetta...so I don't think it's anything to worry about.