Odd request.... Pictures of Hermes stores.

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  1. I know this may sound odd and if this isn't appropriate, mods please delete it... Anyway, I am looking for pictures of Hermes stores. Not inside pictures, but pictures of the actual building/storefronts. In some of the materials from my training this week, I have seen some awesome pictures of Hermes stores from around the world (mainly 24 Fauborg) and I guess my passion for architecture is coming through because I kind of want to assemble a collection of pictures of the stores from all over the world. Madison, Beverly Hills, Fauborg, Bourdeux, Ginza, etc... you name it, I want it.

    If you have any that you wouldn't mind letting me have (don't worry, this is for my own personal use... not looking to profit from them), please PM me. Or maybe if you are out and about and happen to go by a store with your camera... :smile:
  2. I think there are some threads you'd be interested in! Something like "Hermes Windows around the World"? I don't know how much of the stores are captured but the pics are fabulous!
  3. I'm visiting church.......... I mean Hermes Sydney tomorrow to worship...I mean browse. I'll endeavour to take the camera this time and get pics.......I'll post them here..
  4. I'll try to take some of SF this weekend if you want. :yes:
  5. Thanks guys!