Odd request, but I need some help with a class assignment..

  1. Hello!! This may seems like a really weird request, but I'm needing some help. For my interpersonal communications class I need to ask someone who isn't originally from the US some questions about their culture and whatnot. I know that there are pleanty of awesome individuals on here from all over the world and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to let me e-mail some questions to them for this assignment. There's somewhere between 8 and 12 questions (I have a list in my notebook somewhere) and it would be awesome if I could get someone who would be willing to share a few things with me for this assignment. If you'd be willing, could you please PM me? This assignment for me is due next Monday (the 18th) and I've been terribly sick lately (stupid cold!!) so I figured this could be a great option. If something like this isn't allowed, please go ahead and delete this posting... but I hope it isn't. ;)

    Thanks everyone!!! :flowers:
  2. hi katie....I'm from Canada and live in the US now. Feel free to PM me any questions :smile:
  3. hello.. i am originally from the philippines but have been here in the us for the last gosh, 15 yrs.. feel free to pm me if you think i could answer the questions...
  4. I'm originally from the Philippines. I've been here for a little over 6 years now.
  5. I live in Canada, but is there any way I can still help?
  6. Hey, I live in Canada but am originally from England! Have also live in Dubai and Kuwait.
  7. Hey everyone, I just wanted to say thank you all for offering and helping me out. I've gotten a few replies to my questions and I'm stunned! Stunned that I could find such helpful people (like I ever doubted) on tPF. You're all quite the gems, thanks :o)
  8. Do you still need people for your survey? I'm from Germany and would love to help.

    Kind regards,
    Kittie :heart:
  9. I am from the UK and if you need help just PM me! :flowers:
  10. I'm from Germany, so you can PM me or email me :smile:
  11. im frm bahrain living in paris (does that help) would be happy to answer questions
  12. I'm from England, so if you need any help from a 17 yr old guy, feel free to ask!