ODD question which one is best match

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  1. It's my sister in law's bday she has always wanted a chanel bag medium or large classic flap

    which would match her best? she is short about 5'2 and plumb, large or medium flap what do you think ?
  2. Possibly a medium bag...
  3. Wow Can i be your sister in law?

    me and my sister in law have a 50 dollar spending limit for birthdays!

    I would say a medium Flap would be perfect!
  4. my heigh is 5'2.
    For her first Chanel, I recommend m/l lambskin with ghw.
  5. yeah m/l or jumbo

    is she a more casual dresser? then jumbo
  6. gee posh - how amazingly sweet of you!

    where do I sign up to be your SIL????:girlsigh:
  7. LOl Mojo, she's a very good person. but thanks all for the feedback medium it is,
  8. ^ good luck in picking out a bag! She is very lucky!
  9. Medium size would be good!
  10. OP be mindful regarding M/L size, different country's SA may call it differently and they are pretty similar in terms of size. Definitely refer the bag with measurements or style number to avoid mixed up. I would say Large (it's not as big as jumbo) Caviar if you want her to use it frequent, Lambskin if you want her to use it on special occassions. But either way you can't go wrong, it's all Chanel :yes: GL!
  11. haha mrsm I was just thinking the same thing! I wish she was my sister inlaw. I think medium is perfect!
  12. Wow! What a special gift for your sister in law. She is a very lucky woman!