Odd Question! Hudson GM Anybody??

  1. Ok i'm about to ask the oddest of all questions, but here goes.

    I really want to buy a Hudson GM, but im worried about the symetry of the pattern on the reverse of the bag. I know the sides are one continuous piece of canvas (correct me if im wrong??) but is the back perfectly equal to the size of the bag - if you get me?

    Im really funny about symmetry and drive myself crazy when somthing isnt even! I've been able to find loads of pictures of the front, but none of the rear! Does anybody have any they can share??

    Im not sure if that made any sense, but any pictures would help!

    Much appreciated!!!!!!!!

    btw - im an absolute pain when it comes to hanging pictures on the wall.
  2. IMO for as much as they cost, I would buy a Manhattan PM instead, they are pretty much the same size!!
  3. Thank You for the reply! That eBay listing really did answer all my questions! I think i'll look into a few other bags, i want a nice big tote to sling over my shoulder!

    Many Thanks SpacyTracy!
  4. I agree. I'd go with manhattan PM. But many bags (speedy) use single pices for better construction. I don't know if its for athestic or to cut cost.
  5. I'd get the Manhattan GM. :graucho: