Odd phone calls I receive

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  1. I am in a story telling mood today and the phone call I just received has got me thinking about all the weird phone calls we have gotten over the years pertaining to my husband.

    We live in Brooklyn, NY-my husband was born and raised here and happens to have a VERY common Jewish last name. He also happens to have a pretty common Jewish first name. The odd thing is that even though there are tons and tons of people in the Brooklyn phone book with our last name, there is only one person listed with hubby's first and last name (even though there are lots of men in Brooklyn with this name) and that person is hubby. So, over the years, we have received tons of interesting calls looking for "him".

    Many years ago, I was getting very irate phone calls from a bookstore on the lower east side that insisted hubby was going in there and ordering books and never picking them up. Then the phone calls from the bookstore were saying that hubby paid for these books with checks that bounced. That was a dead give away to me-hubby never pays for anything with checks-he has never even carried his checkbook-he uses cash or credit. I kept telling the bookstore people that they had the wrong person. They kept calling-I finally asked what kind of bookstore this was? When they said a judaica one (a bookstore that specializes in books on jewish culture and/or religion), I laughed out loud. Hubby is the most non religious person you have ever met-he would sooner be buying make up than books at a judaica store! The calls stopped.

    Then there was the phone call from the woman who acted very suspiciously on the phone-asked for hubby by name-only would give her first name-wouldn't say why she wanted to talk to him-etc. etc She called back later in the evening (this was also many years ago), and got hubby on the phone. It seems she had given a child up for adoption many, many years before and found out the child was adopted by a family with hubby's last name and gave their child hubby's first name! Hubby and the adopted child were the same age and grew up in Brooklyn. Hubby assured her that he was NOT adopted. She insisted, said maybe they just never told him. He said he looked just like his father and older sister-she still insisted that that meant nothing. He finally convinced her by telling her that his sisters were 10 and 15 years older than him and very clearly remembered their mother pregnant and bringing him home from the hospital!!

    Last year was the phone call from the obviously very elderly man looking for hubby because hubby had signed his late brother's will as a witness and he needed to speak to hubby. I was almost positive he had the wrong guy-I never heard hubby say he signed anyone's will. the man on the phone asked if hubby had ever worked in a record shop in a certain area of Brooklyn back in the 1970s. It happened to be an area that hubby had lived in back then-but, I didnt remember hubby ever saying he worked in a record store-but, possible. The man kept talking as if hubby and this man's brother had been very good friends. I was still not convinced it was hubby and that point was driven home when the man on the phone told me the date the will was signed, hubby would have been barely 17 years old at the time and I don't think it is even legal for someone that age to be witness to a will!

    Which leads to today's phone call. Phone rings, the number on my caller ID says private. The woman on the phone asks for hubby by his full name. When I ask who is calling, she gives a first name only-when I ask from where, she acts oddly. When I ask again, she again gives her first name only and this time, she says she thinks hubby might be her brother. I tell her in no uncertain terms that hubby is NOT her brother and is NOT adopted. She says, how do you know? I tell her I know hubbys family and have been married to him for many years-I know! She then asks if I will tell her hubby's nationality and racial background-I tell her I dont see how that is her business-this is not the man she is looking for. She says fine and hangs up!

    So-anyone else get odd phone calls? LOL
  2. Only one -where some weird dude asked me what I was wearing......ROFL...
  3. Oh-that wasn't some weird dude-I just have a deep voice :graucho:
  4. ^hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ^ Jill, you're killing me:roflmfao:

    Y' know, I use to work as a call center agent. I took alot of weird phone calls. Even from weirdos who seem to just ask the most mundane of things. The phone calls are recorded and I just really couldn't hang up on them.
  6. we had a message on our home answering machine about two years ago that went something like this:

    "This is a collect call from cook county jail. The inmate 'hey this is Tyrone, I'm locked up' is calling for you. Please press one to accept charges."

    Well, I hope it wasn't Tyrone's only phone call because we didn't bail him out.

    I also got one this summer on my cell phone voicemail that said it was my old friend Christina calling (??) and they know that I am not answering my cell phone because I am in jail. And we used to work in the strip club together. Then it just got disgusting and lascivious. I couldn't even listen to the whole thing!
  7. LOL Nishi, you could write a novella just on the phone calls you get. That's funny.

    My only good story regarding phone calls is a woman who kept dialing my phone number, which begins with 505. It's also New Mexico's area code -- apparently she was trying to reach New Mexico (and a person named Andre) but she wasn't dialing "1" first. She called about 3 times before I advised her to dial "1" first. She got very upset at this suggestion and hung up but kept calling me to ask for Andre!

  8. :s I got a similar message around Christmas time last year. I was freaked out because it was around the time we received notice from the DA's office that the bastard(LONG STORY) plead guilty to the charges. DH had to call them to ask if inmates could call from jail. anyway....I'm rambling now:back2topic:
  9. LOL Wow! :nuts:

    When I got my first cell phone a few years back it was with Sprint. The phone number had to be someone elses RIGHT before it was mine because I got calls 24/7 from men and women looking for some girl they thought still used my #. There were various guys calling me during school hours (in which the phone was off) and leaving voicemails, they wanted to go on dates, meet up, talking about the other night etc etc etc. If I were to answer the phone, they would think I was the girl and playing around with them when i'd say they'd have the wrong # so I'd just wind up hanging up on them. Some would call back. For the longest time I thought it was a joke and it got so bad I changed my #.

    My sister received weird phone calls....she did for about a year. Someone who she didn't know and lived in south Jersey (I'm up north) applied to a college and put MY SISTERS cell phone # as hers. The college would call ALL OF THE TIME looking for this girl and we would tell them repeatedly that we weren't her. They insisted on us being her and even let us know where she lived and why they were calling, trying to see if my sister was her. I guess the girl either decided to not go to that school or finally gave them the right # because they eventually stopped calling.

    Nothing as weird as your hubby's stories though!
  10. Oh man, those are weird! :O
  11. omg. my friend got a wrong number call from this dude, and the caller said
    "hey cuz, hows it goin?, do you wanna go walking? where?
    meet up at the pizza kitchen? perfect! saturday? great!"
    lol. he kept on making plans with this guy to leave him alone.
    i dont know anything more, this was last month!

    also, i got an advertisement for disneyland in spanish
  12. My boyfriend used to have a phone number that was very similar to the local high school's number. He would get calls in early in the morning from parents making excuses for their kids' absences and such. He also would get calls from a custodian named Whitey who would be calling about the boiler. Even after he changed his number, he would still get calls. I guess people would dial his old number, hear the message stating the number had been changed, and then call his new number still thinking it was the school. I remember when I was first dating him, he got a call from some kid asking if there was a trumpet in the lost and found. My boyfriend told the kid he had the wrong number, but he told me he was tempted to tell the kid that they had a trumpet...in several pieces!
  13. I once got a phone number that was still listed in the phone book as a number for a local State Farm Insurance office. We had to get it changed because the insurance calls wouldn't stop!

    On my cell phone I once had a guy call and ask for tony and I said no, you have the wrong number, and he said are you sure tony isn't there? I was like NO, my name is Jen, this is MY phone and I can assure you that tony is not here!! I swear it took forever him to understand that this was not Tony's number.

    Another time I had a call come in and it was some guy that had gotten a number from a girl at a club the night before, and I felt bad crushing his hopes and told him she lied about her number, cause I am not her and this isn't her number, in the end he asked if I was single LOL, told him I was married, but good luck!
  14. Lol once recently at about 6:30 in the morning I got a phone call/voicemail that woke me up from some guy saying "Hi Rob, this is Wine Cellar's Inc. and I just wanted to let you know that I'm outside your door right now to drop off your order."

    It was hilarious..I acutally looked out my window to make sure there wasn't anyone there.