ODD jobs celebrity hire people to do...

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  1. I am watching VH1's Insance Celebrity ENTOURAGE....they are talking about ODD jobs that these celebrities hire people to do for them...

    Whitney Houston- Hired some1 to test her bath water temperature and room temperature b4 she got to her hotel room(s)

    Ludacris- Hired someone to CHANGE HIS BATTERY FOR HIS GAME BOY?!
    Diddy- Hired someone to HOLD HIS UMBRELLA.

    JLO- Has someone to fix her shoes.

    My question is : Would YOU ever do any of these jobs if they paid u right?

  2. I will sure do if they pay me good.
  3. Ditto. It's not like a ridiculously gross or demeaning job. If the pay is good, why not?
  4. Hell no! I think it is demeaning, I am way too smart to hold a freakin umberella for someone who gets in their pants the same way I do every morning.
  5. I agree !

    Also Mariah Carey has a wardrobe stylist hired to put on her shoes & fasten them, mind you the list does go on and on with her, so, I will leave it at that !
  6. Victoria and David Beckham once paid someone like $8,000 to open their Christmas presents for them!

    I wouldn't mind doing something like THAT! I think I'd be good at it, too.

    But to be the one to make sure everything on someone's plate is exactly the same shade of white . . . that's a tad much!
  7. Those things are so stupid! I would never do any of that rediculous crap if I was a celebrity. I would be someone's assistant, but I wouldn't be someone's battery changer!!
  8. lol....Hired someone to open their presents? man, they probably didnt even need those gifts!
  9. too funny!
  10. what people wont do just to hang out with celebrities.
  11. i totally agree lmao
  12. I think money changes people. If notice the people who had no money before being famous, usually hire people to do those kind of things or spend their money in the most weird ways.
  13. ^^ i totally agree! those that were well off to begin with are usually more discreet with how they spend their cash.
  14. This is what we call 'having too much money to know what to do with it'. Hasn't happened to me :rolleyes:
  15. haha i wnat the job!!!!