Odd Injuries

  1. I'll start:

    I have a scar on my right foot. My brother sliced a can lid across it.

    I have a scar on my stomach. I was air popping popcorn and a hot kernal flew down the neck of my nightshirt.

    I have scars on the inside of my right thigh (above the knee) and on my left buttcheek from when I accidentally stabbed myself with sharp pencils. . . . . well, technically I fell out of my desk chair and landed on my pencil cup so I was impaled, I didn't stab myself that time.
  2. All on the same eye:

    I have a tiny scar above my eye where I feel off the bed, while sleeping, and scratched my eye on the corner of my nightstand. I had a huge black eye. I was about 8 years-old at the time. I went to school and the teachers were all talking behind my back. They thought I was abused! OMG!

    I also have a scar near the corner of the same eye where when I was 3-years-old and I was jumping on the bed one of my canopy posts fell off and hit me in my eye.

    Also, I have a small burn mark near the corner where, when I was 2-years-old, walked into a cigarette.
  3. Gosh, you gals have some unusual stories. Mine aren't that odd, but my mom had one on her foot where her brother shot her with a bow and arrow. He was about 10 and she was 8. Obviously a very long time ago. She loved telling the story.:hrmm:
  4. I was being a warrior girl or something stupid like that and jumped off the roof into the pool with a big stick (I was using it like a spear)..of course when I hit that water the pressure drove the stick up under my chin and into my mouth. I was about 8. Good thing I don't have kids. No one wants to pass that type of behavior down to their kids.
  5. haha you ran into a cigarette! sorry, but that actually made me laugh out loud.. it just sounds bizarre when you say it to yourself. Im so sorry though, it must have been painful! :shame::shame:
  6. LOL I know it's crazy!! I don't remember it very well as I was so young. From what my parents told me I was eye level with the dining room table. My parents and their friends were playing cards and a woman was smoking. It happened that she brought her hand down to the edge of the table as I was walking up to it!?! Kinda a freak accident. It's amazing with everything that happened to that eye that I can still see!! :wtf:
  7. Hmm lets see.

    Scar across my left knee - went swimming in a river, knelt down, and came back up with a piece of broken glass embedded in my knee.

    Various scars from the chicken pox as a 5 year old.

    My right upper thigh is actually bigger than my left. I'm a medical mystery - doctor's don't know what causes it. But it does swell and hurt on some occasions. :crybaby:
  8. scar on left leg-i hit my self with the pick on my figure skate. no, it's not a good idea to swing a bag with skates in it around.

    scar on left knee-the door of the car was frozen shut and i was yanking on it and it flew onpen and i fell on the ice

    scar on right leg-i fell off a tree
  9. Man, this thread is like made for me. lol:shrugs::queen:

    1. Spider bite from brown recluse (basically it ate away at my skin really deeply so I have a scar)
    2. Poison ivy (baad case)..even after going on oral steroids for it, I ended up with 3 weeks till the oozing stopped and scars
    3. surgery from when I was a baby
    4. chicken pox
    5. Mosquitos looove me
    6. Rope burn from belaying down some rock
    7. Falling from the bike, rollerblades, and the bed, random things
  10. I have a moon-shaped scar on my left middle finger. I was cutting grapes, I was in a hurry, missed the grapes and cut my finger.

    I fractured my left 'middle toe' in two places. I was walking fast and walked into a rocking chair rocker.
  11. I had a concussion last year from hitting my head in the shower. A few days later I hit it again in the exact same spot, and a few days later I hit it again. My co-workers bought me a bike helmet.
  12. I'm sorry but some of these while they aren't haha funny, there is a bizarre quality to them. My scars are boring in comparison. :sigh:
  13. Not so much an injury, as an extremely painful situation! I got a wart underneath a corner of my fingernail. I went to five doctors before a dermatologist figured out what it was and took it off. I thought I was going to die from the pain. (The nail was putting pressure on the wart.) Anyway, the doctor suspected I got it from a nail salon. She suspected unsanitary utensils. Needless to say, I bring my own with me now!
  14. I actually don't have any scars... but I do have a numb right knee cap from when I fell and tore my ligaments in my left knee. Ouch!

    I gave my brother a scar over his left eye with a shovel when I was about 9 and he was 7... It was terrible, i thought I had killed him!
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