Odd eBay listing....

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  1. The Dior outlets are having a sale right now... this person took the photos the SA sent out to everyone on the email list... posted them on eBay for more and my guess will just go buy the bag if someone bids on it and make money.


    Can I report this? I doubt the seller even has the bags in hand.
  2. In this email:

    Is there a limit per household?
  3. i am not a dior expert at all but i thought the gauchos weren't made anymore...
  4. I believe that a seller is supposed to have the items in hand, as you say - so, if she hasn't she's, technically, breaking eBay rules.

    Whether they'd do anything about it if you reported her, though, I don't know?

    I doubt it, TBH. :shrugs:
  5. Also, did s/he even stop and consider what might happen if s/he doesn't have these bags on hand, a buyer wants a specific color, and s/he ends up not being able to get it at the outlet? S/he is going to have some unhappy customers.
  6. It's called dropshipping, and yes, it is allowed on ebay.
  7. AND... Christian Dior Outlet drop ships...??
  8. They aren't, but the Dior outlets have them. There are three outlets in the US. These pictures were taken and sent out by the SA at the CA outlet on Thursday. I posted them on the Dior thread and they're the same as this auction.
  9. What's drop shipping? So is this an SA who is trying to turn a profit? The bags are about $400 less than this person is asking at the outlet. Also they have no feedback.

  10. LOL! :lol:

    Quite. :biggrin:
  11. I've never been to any outlets so I have no idea if they have enough stocks to drop ship for eBay sellers. Or.. Dior outlet allows employee to resell? or doesn't have any limit per customer? :weird:
    Hope the seller isn't just using photos he obtained from somewhere to drop ships fakes.
  12. I'm wondering if this is an SA at the outlet who has set several of each color aside and is hopeful that this will pan out for him/her.
  13. With all of the restrictions ebay seems to place on sellers, RE: the # of designer items a seller can list.... HTH can a 2 feedback seller list what is essentially 14 Dior handbags??:nuts:
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