Odd conversation with SA at 866......

  1. So, I just called the 866 # and spoke to *Patrick*. I asked him about the price increase set for Feb. 1st and he wanted to know where people were hearing this. He asked if any SA's had specifically told me that, then went on to ask what store I shopped at???? He said they knew nothing about a price increase and they would be very surprised if another one happened so quickly? Why do they play dumb? I just don't understand.....or is the price increase only rumor?

    Just thought it was funny that he was wanting names...I should have given him this website......:yes:
  2. Noooooo!! We like our little secret place!!!
  3. Well, may be only SA in higher position got the email regarding that matter .Sometime SA doesn't know anything about it not until one week before the price hike. I personally think Pfers have more reliable info than SAs in general..
  4. I hope you didnt tell him what store you shop at. That store will probably get an email from corporate . LOL
  5. I asked about the Feb price increase and whether or not the speedy was going to go up in price @ the Boston LV today and this is what the SA said to me:

    "When theres a price increase, it happens on all the styles." She didn't confirm or deny my question...which leads me to think that the prices are going up.
  6. i asked about it tonight and one of the SAs said she didn't think one was coming
  7. the last increase (nov 1st) didn't include all styles. but i have a feeling the price of the mono/damier speedy will go up this time
  8. No, No.....I didn't tell him anything....just told him that's what I had heard and wanted to know if it was true! ;) The way he was acting you would have thought I leaked info on inside secrets of LV! :shrugs:
  9. Him. He's the horrible person that put my bag on "hold" forever and then they forgot to credit my account for over a month instead of releasing my purse that was held hostage. And the other SA thought that was strange and told me they couldn't send it afterwards.
  10. Soemone on the eBay boards confirmed it for mid-Feb. I was told it was Feb 1st. They're going up in Feb.
  11. I would of said that it happens every year at the same time so people are bound to notice.
  12. ^Well I did say that last year it happened 3x, so if they stay in tune with that and want to spread it out over the year then it wouldn't be too far fetched to think there would be one in Feb! :yes:
  13. lol... Think PFers here are making SAs paranoid that we know of anything pending... Would not surprise me that they probably think we would not notice a price increase everytime.:rolleyes:
  14. I personally trust the information that the PFers give rather than SAs, afterall a lot of people on here are smarter than the SAs.
  15. When I went to LV and asked about a price increase last year, the SA had no idea about it. She also told me that she only gets a week's notice when there is a price increase. :shrugs:

    If she really wants to be in the know, she should join the PF! :graucho: JK!