OD on chocolate brown bags?

  1. Hi tPFers. I'd like your feedback bec at this point, I need help deciding.

    I bought a nice choc brown Belen E Take Me anywhere bag from the UK. Although it cost me a pretty penny, i love the bag and am already using it almost everyday.

    Just today, my friend at work snatched me up a Chloe Ava East West satchel. She knows I have been looking for this bag, but the only color Saks had was MOKA (which is basically choc brown). I truly love this bag - the style, the weight, the size, but wish it was in antilope (whisky/cognac).

    So, question is, would you keep 2 dark brown bags, or would you return the recent purchase?

    I cannot believe it is this hard to decide. I guess it's bec I have been looking for the Chloe Ava and have now found it, but hesitate to let go.

    here's a pic of the Chloe and the Belen bag (from the BE website as modeled by their customer).
    chloe_ava.jpg takemeanywhere.jpg
  2. I don't see anything wrong with purchasing two brown bags. Many of us have a ton of black bags, so why not brown. If you love it, then I would go for it.
  3. They're both very different styles, so I prob wouldn't even notice they were almost the same color unless you had them next to each other.
  4. Yes, I think too they are different enough that it wouldn't matter that both were brown. Were they similar in style ... then I might have a different opinion. My fav of the two is definitely the Chloe though! I think if you love them both you could easily find use for both.
  5. Wow! Two totally awesome chocolatey tasty treats! Two totally awesome different bags! What was the question again???
  6. those two styles are pretty different. the chloe looks more like a work-appropriate bag and the belen is a cute weekend bag.

    so the question isn't do you need another brown bag, but rather, do you need a new work bag? ;)
  7. Oh my gosh! That Belen bag is beautiful! MUST have one!

    You can never have too many chocolate bags.

  8. Right on. Thanks everyone. It really does not hurt to have both.
  9. I had the Chloe Ava at a pretty decent price from Nordstrom $752...I sent it back because I have spent so much on other bags recently-and I own the Take Me Anywhere in petrol. I love both bags-wish I could have kept the Ava-the leather was really beautiful! Maybe in another life...I think you made terrific purchases!:smile:
  10. I love that Chloe! If you can afford it, I say keep 'em both. I agree with everyone else...they're different enough in shape and style that you'd be able to use them with different outfits.
  11. I love brown bags and own several so in my mind it's a no brainer to keep both!
  12. I agree with everyone else, keep both, they are gorgeous!!
  13. If you only have a few brown bags, you have no worry. I however had a closet full of brown and decided to weed some out and get some color. I still have about 5 brown bags but I can't part with any. I just have to watch myself in the future because I keep gravitating towards so many neutral colors.
  14. OMG, i totally love this better han the chloe, love the size :p

  15. Keep both! I love brown bags!