October wedding in Malibu; what to wear?

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  1. My sister in-law is getting married in early October this year in Malibu. I have no idea what to wear, as I live in NY and styles are so different. Her wedding is small (85 people) with the bride wearing a vintage flowey hippi-chic dress and the groom wearing more traditional garb. Here is a dress I was looking at; what do you think? Any suggestions I would soo appreciate it!

    If you like the dress, what color assessories?
  2. Hello Becca,

    I LOVE that dress! but it totally depends on your body shape & colouring if its right for you. (for example, I'm very 'hourglassey' so a top cut that high makes me look like I've go just the one boob, albeit one huge 'mono-boob' that goes across the length of my chest!& lots of double chins and my skin is slightly sallow so I have to wear warm colours to lift it)

    If that all works then I would go with softly metallic accessories in silver or pewter. Nothing too 'labelly' as its a very classic, simple dress so you don't want to overwhelm it.
    If you want to tie it into the weddding more, how about having some flowers in your hair? A nice Hawaiian hibiscus or an orchid?
  3. Ooh, that sound lovely! Thank you for the feedback!
  4. no problem at all Becca :flowers:

    If you want more specific help, just let me know I'll get hunting!

    And don't forget to post pictures! :biggrin:
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