October Road Returns 11/26!

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  1. Am I the only one here that is actually interested in this show? I can't wait! On Thanksgiving evening they will be airing a "preview" which I surmise is like a summary of last season? Not too sure. But then Monday the 26th the new 2nd season starts! :nuts: I love Jake from One Tree Hill! :P
  2. No your not the only one, I love this show. I'm so stoked it's coming back! It sucked that the first season was only 7 episodes. Bryan Greenberg is so dreamy lol and I love Laura Prepon from That 70s Show!
  3. I also love the show. Glad it is back!!!
  4. Hah I am the only one that watches this show! Well, the Season Finale was last night. Anyone catch it? 2 hours long... DRAMA!
  5. Darn I missed it, what happened?

  6. ^^ Everything you could imagine! It's definitely worth watching on abc.com. Basically Nick was about to go on tour with U2, Nick's dad announces to the boys he has bone marrow cancer, Eddie's ex-gf shows up in town and Janet sees them kiss but Eddie realizes at that moment it wasnt what he wants and admits he is dating (janet). Meanwhile, Hannah gets arrested for that altercation with Big Cat's exwife. and it is Nick who bails her out. Eddie gets beat up by Matt (works for Big Cat) but Ikey tries to warn the guys and arrives just as Matt was leaving. Eddie gets put into the hospital but Janet couldnt get past seeing them kissing and she has a 1-night stand with ??? (You HAVE to watch to find out!). She eventually tells Eddie that she did it b/c she was afraid that he was gonna reject her since she isnt pretty and all those self image issues she has. But eddie is disgusted and yells at janet to get out of his hospital room. Big Cat ends up docking Matt's pay for 3 weeks and giving it to Ikey for helping Eddie, since fistfighting "isn't his style" but then you see at Hannah and Big Cat's engagement party that he really did set the whole thing up but wasnt there for the beatdown so it wouldnt be obvious he was involved. Nick's little brother tells Nick's gf (the ex student) that he is in love with her. Then Nick decides to stay home and skip the U2 tour and shows up at the engagement party. While he isnt there, his gf kisses his brother! so shocking! Oh and the guys accept Ikey back into their group again b/c of his efforts to warn them all and in arriving in time to get help for Eddie when he was beat down.

    THERE! :sweatdrop: that's everything. now GO WATCH! :yes:
  7. I have watched every episode yet I get mad at myself because the writing is so bad. Full of cliche's and stereotypes and very predictable next lines, yet I can't look away ! I thought Eddie was going to forgive Janet seeing as though he was kissing his ex but no ! Also Hannah having an affair with Eddie when Nick left town. When are they going to reveal that Nick is really the babydaddy ?!
  8. ^^ I KNOW! Aubrey's way too eloquent that there is no way any normal person would think of the lines shes spoken as a natural reaction to the things around her. I thought Eddie was going to forgive Janet because Eddie has cheated and had one night stands before too and Janet was explaining how she thought she was going to be rejected by the football player. And dammit she did! AH I totally forgot about Eddie and Hannah's fling. why is the season always so short??