October Purchases!

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  1. Stunning :heart:
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  2. It was 3550€
  3. 575usd
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  4. Stunning!!
  5. Stunning!!
  6. Stunning!!
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  7. I really love these boots. Are they comfortable? I just wanted to know if they had a rubber sole as I wanted to wear them in wet weather but if the sole is leather I will pass.
  8. Gorgeous bag! Is the inside just one big compartment?
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  9. Got the cosmetics pouch a couple of days ago. Fits quite a bit and perfect for my jumbo. Still looking for a mini o-case in a fun color for smaller bags.

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  10. That is darling. :love:
  11. So pretty!!! Congrats!!!
    You can't go wrong with a black CF:heart::heart: Congrats!!
    Love both of these!!! I was in the boutique on Friday and bought the grey metallic sister to your mini blue. I asked if they had received the blue one and they hadn't:sad: It looks like it's a beautiful and fun blue!! I also asked about the same bucket bag in the beige. Once again, they had not recieved it:annoyed: And this beige looks almost like a carmel color?? I don't know if you would have time to take a picture of both of them in brighter light? If not that's ok. I would just love to see the colors better since I couldn't in person. Congrats on both of these beauties though!!!

    I bought a seasonal bag last year and had others telling me the same thing. As long as you love it (love your story) and it sounds like you do, that's all that matters!! Big congrats:yahoo::yahoo:
    Wow!!!! Those are so pretty and fun:loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: Love both:love: Congrats!!
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  12. Love the color!! Soooooooo pretty!! Congrats!
  13. Thanks so much. It is and I’m really loving it.
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  14. Thanks!! It’s a really nice red.
  15. Yes! One front pocket on the inside and back zipper pocket though.
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