October PCE?

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  1. This is the weirdest thing. I was bemoaning the fact that I didn't receive a Sept PCE invitation, since I have been getting a PCE the last 2+ years. Then yesterday I got a pleasant surprise in the mail for a PCE 10/3-30!

    So strange! I just looked and can't even find one of these on ebay. Plus, PCE for almost the entire month?

    Anyone else got one of these?
  2. What?!?! I've never heard of a PCE lasting that long or having them so close together. Hmmm....that would be a dream come true!! I'll keep checking my mail. I already know what I want!
  3. wow - that would be awesome!
  4. Wow :nuts: I'm going to be checking my mail every day ... though last two PCEs I got the ePCE not the card in the mail (which was just a bit disappointing as I love the cards). Not that I need to buy any more bags, but an October PCE would be great!
  5. Must be like the special pce that occured the whole month of aug that only target 1 state.
  6. What??? I've never heard of that?! That will be awesome
  7. Sounds great!! I'm going to be checking my mail like a hawk. I already know what I need (ok. I want). ;)
  8. OP, do you mind giving us an idea of where you live or general vicinity? That way it can help those of us close to you to figure out if it's an area-directed marketing directive or other.

  9. I was wondering this too...wasn't it just Illinois last time? or was it narrowed down even more to the Chicago area?
    Has anyone else gotten one??
  10. Yup, I just read the card more closely. It is Anchorage store only. They probably did this due to so many problems with cards taking too long to arrive here. It's happened a few times where the cards arrived after the event.
  11. I called my SA about this tonight and she said that it's for Alaska only. Boo. I wanted to get the gathered sophia.
  12. Awwgh *kicks can*
  13. I am so PCE'd out after this last one...I think could use a breather!!