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  1. Burberry, I also have a backward tilted uterus. In my case, very tilted. I was doppler-ing like crazy last time with a good, medical grade Doppler (not the crappy ones you get on Amazon), and I heard nothing until after 13 weeks.
  2. We got to hear the heartbeat today and I was so relieved! Next week we'll get our nuchal translucency done and also check on my clot to make sure it's still dissipating.

    How are you doing Kimber?

    Imagine - Congrats and welcome!!
  3. I've been better. DH left for 10 days on Saturday, and that day (of course) I came down with some sort of flu thing. No fever, but chills and achy, and even more exhausted than I was. And I'm really exhausted anyway -- I commented on it to my RE, saying I didn't understand how I was so much more tired this time when last time I was sick 24/7 for 11 weeks straight. She thought it might be the progesterone. Anyway, I am struggling to get through the day with DS, who is of course full of energy. Hoping it goes away soon, but I am counting the days till DH gets back already.

    On the clot, I had one last time. It showed up and caused a little spotting in week 6. It basically hung around for the next three weeks, neither growing nor shrinking, and I tried to limit my activity. The following week, I put myself on semi-bedrest, and it was gone at the next check! So they can definitely just go away on their own.

    Imagine - Congratulations! I've also had a long road to this pregnancy, with two losses, so am taking everything slowly also. I hope this pregnancy goes smoothly and happily for you.

    And November mommies - So happy we got the thread merged so can continue to follow each other and cheer each other on!!

  4. AnimalCrackers, wow! Ten weeks -- they are making you wait! Can you talk them into eight weeks? Though actually, if you can believe it, my high-risk OB doesn't see patients till 11 weeks or later; you get one nurse appt before then, basically to get tests out of the way. I find it so strange that the MFM wouldn't see people till they are almost done with their first trimester. :shrugs:
  5. ^^I'll be ~9weeks before they see me as well. So I'm almost in the same boat-ugh cannot wait until April 4th!!
  6. Yay! I have the NT screening coming up in a couple weeks also.
  7. ^ My first U/S and NT screening is next week at the 11-week mark. It will be during my second prenatal exam. I'll also be taking a glucose test early because I have several risk factors for gestational diabetes.

    I'm slowly starting to worry less and enjoy this pregnancy more. I'll be so glad when I pass the first trimester, though I read somewhere online that mc rates drop around 10 weeks.

    Thanks everyone for the welcome a few weeks ago when I posted, and welcome to all the new mamas! It's only around other women that I allow myself to be really excited.
  8. Unfortunately no. They are pretty strict about the ten week mark, because they don't want to risk not being able to hear the heartbeat on the doppler. It's lame. Pregnancy is quite the lesson in patience!

    It is odd for the high-risk doc not to see people right away...what if they need progesterone shots? Btw, what is an MFM?
  9. MFM is the same thing -- maternal-fetal medicine specialist, perinatologist, high-risk specialist. All the same. A lot of "high risk" obs are not actual perinatologists, and I find some of them are just as good, though.

    If you need progesterone shots, they're only shown to be effective if you start during your luteal phase, right after ovulation. If you already have a + pregnancy test, studies show that it's actually too late for supplementation to do any good. I wonder more about people who have things like lupus or other serious medical conditions -- what if you need to be on Lovenox or something? I guess they figure that you better have seen a doctor beforehand and know what to do...
  10. Little early ladies but I'm be hopeful. Went to Doctor and he said I'm due November 19th....
  11. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Congratulations!
  12. YAY!!! Congrats to you!!:yahoo:
  13. Well maybe not. I'm either too early to tell according to ultrasound and they think I may have a cycst... Hope this is figured out soon...
  14. A cyst wouldn't create a positive pregnancy test, though, would it?
  15. I have a cyst on left ovary. I'm just dazed and confused. They say that there is no sac as of yet. I'm going a new OB next week for a follow up. Kimberf said I'm probably too early. Crossing fingers.