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  1. My LO had what you're describing, but he was diagnosed with Bronchitis both times. After 5-10 days, the wheezing was completely gone (the coughing went away much faster with antibiotics). Don't worry about asthma too much yet! I found it easiest to do the nebulizer treatments while LO was napping.
  2. oh thats a relief to know it went away.. I'm hoping my Los goes away soon too. he is wheezing less but the cough is still there... but there have been times when i was sick and got better bt a cough remained for weeks after. my ped didn't want to give antibiotics although i asked him to... and thanks for the suggestion about giving the neb while he's napping! i didn't think of that.. he FREAKS out when he sees that mask coming near his face!
  3. my little one is 9 months old today! why is time flying?!?!?!
  4. Love reading through this thread! My son is 9months now and I can't believe how fast time has flown. Its almost November and time to plan his 1st birthday party!!
    He is growing up beautifully and i am amazed at everything he does! I am concerned about his eating habits hough... he just doesnot seem to like eating baby food, youghurt, soft wood foods, or Anthony! Feeding time is a battle that I always seem to lose and he prefers jxstern his bottle. Any tips?? I sing, dance, make it as much fun for him as I can, but hell just look at me and keep his mouth closed as soon as he sees the spoon!
  5. Noah is going in for his 9 month checkup today. He gets around without crawling and tries sometimes but realizes he can get to his toy by hit scooting and rolling. He's starting to favor more table food over the baby food. I do wish he would sleep streets. He could go stretches of 5-6 hours sleep before 5 months, but now wakes every 3 hours o eat. I tried the CIO, but he can't or won't calm down himself. I keep hoping it will pass soon. I thought I would be getting good sleep by now.
  6. Nigel went in on Monday for his nine month check up. Weighed a whopping 17lb 6 oz. He has two bottom teeth and we are still recovering from that teething stage. We went a few nights haging out from 1 am to 4 am. He has slept well the last two nights so I hope things are back to normal. He hates his car seat these days as well. He is trying to crawl. He rolls but when crawling, he sometimes decides to drag his face. He also loves to stand and do some assisted walking. Time sure is flying.
  7. 9 month checkup went great. 28in and 19lb 11pz. 2 bottom teeth do now he chews and takes table food. Crawling is getting there. He tries to get on his knees and sort of just tumbles forward. Sippy cup training is going great.
  8. We just got back from our 9 month visit.. Height is 29.75 in, weight 19.6 lbs. He was a little fussier with shots this time around... He got the last hep b and one dose of the flu shot... He just started to crawl last week and now hes zooming all over the place lol... Baby proofing is almost done! Hes obsessed with lights these days, and really enjoys walking in his walker.
    Hes doing good with table food, im still pureeing it to about 85% mush but i need to start chunkying it up some more so i can feed him regular food vs having to mash it. Since we didnt do a bottle at all, hes alternating between nursing and taking little sips from his sippy cup without the lid on. He doesnt know how to suck on the plasticy spout lol. I need to find a sippy cup with a rubber spout.
    He has 5 teeth now... I see a tiny dot of the 6th one coming in.
  9. I haven't had a chance to check in for a while, so I missed this... but I remember this feeling with my first. I think it is normal. This time frame around 9 months to just over a year is a fairly "easy" time frame, IMO... if you want to put it that way? I just tried to keep introducing my oldest to new things and interact with the toys with her ("You just pushed the yellow button! Good job!" etc.) starting to use words for body parts, colors, shapes, animals, etc that they will begin to learn in the next 6 to 9 months.

    I also spent a lot more time cleaning my house. :lol: And coincidently, also fell pregnant with my second during this "lull" time period... however my suggestion would be get to toddler hood and then make a decision on the second one! LOL! Kidding, kind of! ;)

    Anyhow... Natalie is 9 months and doing good. Definitely has a personality unique and all her own! She and her sister are alike in some ways... but like night & day in others! My oldest usually tries stealing the show the entire time she's around/awake, so I usually find myself trying to make sure I'm giving Natalie enough "extra" attention and also enjoying our time together when Bella is napping!

    Nat had her 9 month check up at the end of August, she was still along the same growth curve... 15lbs, 4oz, and 27.75" tall!

    We do "update" videos on You Tube, for anyone that is interested in that sort of thing. ;)

    She's started "crawling" since we did this update... it is kind of a one legged crawl though? She leads with her right leg most of the time, so she's not super speedy yet. She's pulling up on things and we're getting ready to lower her crib down again.

    Our big issue that continues with Nat, is food & feeding. She doesn't like solid foods at all, and will gag herself if she gets anything with somewhat substantial substance in her mouth. She will eat Gerber baby food Stage 2 like a champ - but if I try to mush up "real" food on my own (bananas, veggies, etc.) she has to get it out of her mouth as quickly as possible. We are just trying anything and everything to try to hit upon something she will try to chew.

    I'm kind of at a loss with the eating issues, since my older daughter was totally different. She puts anything and EVERYTHING in her mouth... and when she was this age, our main issue was trying to make sure she didn't shovel too much food in & choke! She was proficient in using a sippy cup at this age and was eating more table food than baby food. Natalie has no interest in trying water from a sippy cup, she does think it is a fun toy to bang on the high chair tray though!

    So we continue to just take the food issues a day at a time... if anyone has any suggestions for foods to try for an almost 10 month old that doesn't seem to like any substance or texture (okay with flavors though)... I would be all ears! :biggrin: Hope everyone is doing well!
  10. How are all the October/November babies doing? First birthdays are right around the corner!

    Two days ago I started letting Noah fall asleep on his own, in his crib. First night took 20 minutes of whining and he fell asleep. Last night I think it took about 20 minutes too, but he didn't cry. AND he slept through the night both times. I'm hoping this isn't just a small little phase and hope it continues from now on. I'm so exhausted from being up for the last 10 months and now I got sick. He's the happiest and calmest baby.
  11. I cant believe first birthdays are around the corner!! Lo is almost 11 months... I feel a little pang as this is his last monthly photoshoot... We have a cute outfit ready for his 1st bday professional photoshoot... Im excited for that! We are thinking themes... Either a car/transportation theme or a goodnight moon one since thats his favorite book.

    Hes gotten quite active, hes crawling everywhere, pulling himself up with support... Hes trying to pull himself up from a sitting position but cant yet. Hes also crawling up the stairs but cant come down.. That needs a full time supervision though lol.

    Hope everyone and their babes are doing well!
  12. Bump...

    Happy birthday to my LO!! I cant believe how fast this year flew by!!
  13. I know - so fast! My DD just hit 13 months this past week. She is a maniac, desperate to do what her older brother does, so she was an early walker and is now running and trying to climb up every stair or ladder she finds.

    She's also a total little mimic -- I don't remember it so early with DS: wants to sweep the floor with me, copies sounds so that she's saying words (but doesn't know what they mean), wants to carry a bag over her shoulder, and is super-into dolls and stuffed animals. So far, I'm preparing for her to be an interesting mix of jock and super-girlie.
  14. Bump again.. Happy birthday to all our precious 2 year olds!! Time flies!!