~~* October/November 2011 Moms *~~

  1. Hi mamas!
    How are all of our little ones doing? I cant believe my guy is turning 7 months on sunday... Somebody press the pause button!! We had our 6 month checkup and he was in the 33% in weight which worried me but the doc said it was ok since he is active etc... Ive started mixing a little milk in his cereal just in case anyway. He hasnt started to crawl yet but i think it might be soon. We are enjoying our walks now that the weather is nicer. I love how little things like flowers are so interesting to babies!
    We havent started dairy or meats yet with LO but i plan on doing so now that hes 7 months. I guess the yobaby yohurt is fine at this age?
  2. Glad to hear your LO is doing well. My baby has been in the 5-10 %ile for weight since he was born and he is perfectly healthy. 33 is really right in the middle. Absolutely nothing to worry about.

    Yogurt is fine to give to babies. I looked at the yobaby the last time I was in the store, and it does have added sugar so I haven't given it to my son (I want to avoid any added sugar as long as I possibly can). I get full fat unflavored yogurt and then I blend it with banana and blueberries, cherries, or raspberries to make a baby smoothie. Sometimes I put some oatmeal in it too, to thicken it up. DS loves it!

    I think the important thing with dairy at this age is to make sure it's full fat and you can feed dairy products like cheese and yogurt, but they are still too young to drink cow's milk.
  3. Youre right, i never realized the yobaby had so much sugar! I bought a pack anyway just to see if he likes it and to make sure there arent any allergies before getting a bigger tub. He seemed to like it though... He has this thing where half his food gets spit out for amusement purposes lol.
    Im glad to know the percentiles dont matter. It worried me initially but for the most part he seems fine thankfully so im happy.
  4. Heads up moms!!!!!

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    And no i dont work for them lol i just wanted everyone to take advantage of this deal like i did :smile:
  5. I'm sorry, i just need to vent here a little...

    i feel like the worst mother of the world right now. the past few days have been hectic, as i was studying for a big licensing exam and i had to prepare my house (and menu) for a big dinner party we had last night. as a result I've been stressed, very tired etc. i had just given my baby a shower, dressed him etc and laid him down on the bed and turned around for one minute to get my clothes ready and he just rolled off the bed :cry: i felt awful and still do since it was my fault, i wish i had put him in his crib but i just didn't remember and didn't think he would roll that much (at least 4 rolls to fall off.) the bed is about 3 feet high. he cried a lot but he hasn't thrown up or passed out, 2 signs i read were the sign of a concussion. but he has been rubbing the back of his head where he fell since the fall (last night around 7 pm) till now. otherwise he seems ok but he just doesn't seem as active as he was before. i do plan on taking him to the doctor tomorrow to make sure but i just feel so awful, so awful. and my dh was so upset with me on top of it. it hurts so much especially since i already feel so bad about it. has anyone else's baby fell from such a height? i don't have any excuse... i just wish i could go back in time and put him in his crib and could've avoided the whole thing... :cry::cry::cry::bagslap:
  6. I'm sorry to hear this happened. If you really think his behavior has changed and are concerned, I would get him to urgent care or at least talk to the nurse on call at your pediatrician (I would probably do that regardless). We all make mistakes parenting and the best thing we can do is to learn from them. It sounds like your LO is fine, so try not to beat yourself up.
  7. qudz - Hope your LO is doing okay and I'm sure he's recovered just fine from his spill! If it makes you feel any better, the same thing happened to me when I was little... my mom put me on a bed and I rolled right off into the carpeted floor when she turned to get something. I turned out just fine. (I think? Just kidding. :p)

    How's it going with everyone? Time is flying and I feel like I hardly have any time to do anything these days... I finally got myself back into fitness classes, so I finally (after, ahem, you know... 7 months) getting into trying to lose this baby weight, lol!

    Before we know it, we're going to be planning 1st birthday parties!! :biggrin:
  8. One of my twin fell off his high chair when he was about 10 mo. I was sitting him down, but left his bib in the kitchen counter so i kinda ran to grab it and didnt think to strap him.

    As soon as i turned around i already saw one of his leg outside the high chair and within second he plunged straight to the tiles, head first :sad:
    I spoke with his pedi and he told me to bring him in if he vomit and lost consciousness and since he didnt, he told me to just watch him for 48 hrs. I never brought him in. He was quiet for at least a day too, maybe just shaken up a little.

    And this is the same boy that jump out of his crib 7 mo later, also head first :sad: i dont seem able to keep up with him.

    If you are worry, certainly take him to pedi. But from my personal experience, just keep an eye for fever, vomit etc.
  9. qudz - hope your son is ok.

    I had a horrible night. Poor Noah had night terrors and at first I thought he was hungry so I took him downstairs and made a bottle and when he wouldn't take it, it only got worse. I realized he wasn't "awake" and he cried for about 20-30 min and then went back to sleep. It really scared me because he never cries like that. I really hope it doesn't happen again.
  10. Sorry to hear that CarvedWords. I have had night terrors a couple times in my life, and they are awful. I hope he gets past it.

    We are doing ok -- after catching every cold at daycare the first few months, we have been more or less healthy the past month, which has been really nice. Work is busy since I am full time, but luckily DS started sleeping all the way through the night a while ago, so somehow I am doing it. Hoping to go part time around the end of the year to take some pressure off.
  11. hey ladies!

    thank you so much for asking, DS is doing well now. he was crying quite a bit and i was so shaken over it so now i make sure that if i leave the room and none else is there, he goes in his crib. even if its hi diaper free time, which has resulted in more work for me. lol. but anything to avoid another fall. i monitored him at home since his ped said that unless he passes out or throws up he should be ok. he does sometime rub the back of his head where he fell but there isn't a bump or anything so maybe that is just a thing he does?

    in other news, i can't believe DS is turning 8 months tomorrow! time is flying so quickly! he is so much fun right now. he actually has gotten his front 2 teeth and a bottom one is starting to sprout. he chews on the side of his cheeks so much, poor baby! no teether will do. except my finger sometimes... though he does sometimes take it out with feeding... i still feel the sting, lol.

    he still hasn't crawled, but he rolls around on the bed. he doesn't roll on the floor so much, i guess he likes the soft surface of the bed more. he is getting pretty good at sitting, and standing with support, though he doesn't try to stand or sit on his own.

    I've started making him a mixture of rice, lentils, meat/chicken and some veggies with a little chicken stock, and a little pat of butter.. steamed and blended. he really enjoys it! i am enjoying experimenting with different foods with him. i guess i should enjoy it while it lasts, I'm pretty sure ill start working whenever we try out for baby #2 so i might not get so much time to do the same then.

    wow, sorry for the very long post!! how are you mamas doing?

    carved, I'm so sorry about the night terrors! how is your LO doing now?
  12. He hasn't had any since, thank goodness. He barely is starting to get his first tooth and sits only supported still, but rolls and scoots everywhere. He eats like a champ. He takes only food during the day and a couple oz of formula before his naps. I think it's going to be easy to ween the bottle. My first was horrible so it looks like it will be easy. I'm enjoying him and can't believe he's 8 months already. I sometimes with I could freeze time to enjoy these moments more.
  13. oh, thats a relief! the poor baby!! :sad:

    i too wish we could freeze time! i look at his 'baby' pictures and am in awe of how much he's grown since then.

    im wondering how much milk my LO needs at this point. obviously m not going to stop BF him till he's ready.. or if my supply finishes, but if he is eating 3 meals a day and a few snacks in between, realistically how much milk does a baby need? i only ask because i want to know if i should start supplementing with formula if he's not getting enough. he BF maybe 4-5x a day, usually before naps/bedtime. i think weaning him will be easy as well since he drinks directly from a glass these days... its funny since i bought all these different bottles and sippy cups and he prefers me to remove the lid of the sippy cup and drink just like that. lol.
  14. I asked the doctor a couple weeks ago because I was worried he wasn't getting enough and I was told as long as he gets 12oz in a 24 hour period he's ok. *He definitely gets that, sometimes barely because he loves his meals.* He definitely isn't losing weight, my back can attest to that.
  15. it seems like my LO can't catch a break these days...

    firstly he was so irritable and i finally realized he was getting another tooth..

    then he was waking up with night terrors a few times last week.. thankfully they seem to have stopped, but it was heartbreaking since he was crying inconsolably and he just wouldn't calm down... i ended up letting him sleep with us for those days.

    then for the past few days he has such a bad cough, with light wheezing. i took him to the ped on call on the weekend who said he might have asthma and gave him a nebulizer and medicine, but i was not pleased with that diagnosis because face it, asthma is a scary thing to live with, and to have it at such a young age, possibly for your whole life? i am praying that its just a virus and it will go away soon. it does seem to be getting better though. i took him to him actual ped yesterday who agreed with me and said likely its a virus and not asthma but to just hold onto the nebulizer just in case (well, i paid for it, I'm not going to toss it, LOL).

    so here is another question to my SAHM, what do you do with your babies all day? i know if you have an older LO then your day is busy running after both the kids, but if/when you have 1, what do you do to keep them busy? i give my LO 3 meals/a few snacks.. read to him, play a little, let him play independently, he naps, we go on a walk... but aside rom that i feel like i should be doing more... I'm not working right now specifically to dedicate my time to him and I'm a a loss of what else i can do to keep him stimulated.