~~* October/November 2011 Moms *~~

  1. Hello! I'm starting my 8 weeks now and am due on October 11. This will be my first baby. I've been trying for a few years and done a few IUI's several months ago. This was a natural, expected conception, though, so I'm thrilled to be joining this thread.

    I had first prenatal visit last week but the midwife did not schedule an ultrasound until my next prenatal visit, at 11 weeks. I wonder what the thinking on ultrasounds are. Why do some doctors do early US, and some don't? Anyone know?
  2. Welcome Quimby and congratulations on the pregnancy! I know how you feel about trying for a while before getting pregnant. It took us ~2 years for baby #1 and roughly 1+ years to get pregnant for our 2nd child. The amount / frequency of ultrasounds depend on the doctor and whether or not they are concerned about something.

    If you are under RE care, they will normally do an US @ 6 and 8 weeks. When you "graduate" to a typical OB/Gyn, my experience is that they will only do the 18-20 week scan (you can find out gender at this time). If you want the nuchal translucency test, they will do another US @ 10-13 weeks. Hope this helps!

    Lit- I'm doing well! I had a scare at 6 weeks with some spotting and we found out that I have a large-ish clot. Thankfully, it is now starting to dissipate and we are now at week 9.5. I'm planning on announcing the pregnancy at week 12 - how about you? Any special ways of doing it?
  3. I just reread my post, and it should say that it was an UNexpected conception. I was planning to start IVF in the next few months.

    BurberryLvr, thanks for the information on US. I'm not under RE care, so that makes sense that I'm not getting early US. I am going to do the nuchal translucency test and genetic screening, but that's going to be at 11 weeks.

    I'm planning to announce at 12 weeks as well. The only people we've told are people we'd want support from should something happen to the pregnancy. That means that I've told two good girlfriends, and my boyfriend has told his family and some of his friends.
  4. I'm glad your clot is dissipating. As for telling people, I am terrible at keeping secrets. I told my parents and 2 friends as soon as I found out. After seeing the HB today I am telling my other closest friends. I won't announce it to the world until the 12th though. Not sure exactly how I will go about that yet :smile:. I really hope it all goes well from here on out.
  5. Yes I'm in DC too! And you're also an attorney, right?

    Btw. I really like Daisy Baby in Bethesda for furniture shopping - not so much selection as to be overwhelming more of a boutique. But I've also heard that Great Beginnings is a great baby store --- huge selection.

    Oh yeah, if you're thinking of day care sign up for the lists asap -- it is crazy. We're thinking of a nanny but signed up for a few just in case.

    It is a crazy, exciting time.
  6. Oh, thanks for the shop recommendations! The only place I've really been into in the area is Dawn Price Baby, and only because it's in my neighborhood and I needed gifts. They have very cute things, but also very expensive.

    Thanks for the reminder on daycare. I just looked and I'm not allowed to apply for my firm's in-house daycare until baby is born, but apparently I can file a letter of intent. We'll see how it goes. It probably makes sense to research some backup options as well. Egads it is so expensive.

    And yes, I'm an attorney also....
  7. Hi everyone! I am also an October 2011 mom! My due date is Oct 25th (according to the online calculators) and I have my 8 week appointment at the doctor's scheduled in a couple weeks. This is my first pregnancy and hubby and I were trying for about 8 months, so we're excited! I find the not telling part so hard too! I told my mom and two sisters the instant I found out and we also told a couple of friends who we got to Disneyland with and several close friends who had been praying for us. Everyone has been so excited for us!
  8. Congrats Quimby and Chelle! Glad to have you on the thread. This is my first also, after trying for 17 months :tup:
  9. I'm due Oct 22 according to my LMP. This is our first little bean and I'm 6w5d today! I feel so yucky and sick!
  10. Congrats! Sorry you're feeling yucky and sick, but everything I read says that is a good sign of a healthy pregnancy. I always start worrying when I don't feel yucky and sick, which of course seems to be right when I start feeling awful.
  11. Yes daycare is pricey. We're probably going for a nanny to start, which is probably even more. Yikes. Anyways, you probably already know this but you can set up a dependant care account - I think the max is 5k and you have to do it within a certain time period of the baby's birth (30 days?). So at least there is a minor tax break.
  12. Yes, my work offers that... so it should cover about 3 months :faint:

    I think the 30 days is because you get open enrollment for that long due to the change in circumstances... I'm also planning to use that opportunity to up my FSA to cover whatever the childbirth actually ends up costing since I only put in $400 this year.
  13. Thanks Lit!

    So far, my mom, MIL, and boss know. With baby #1, my then manager leaked it to the entire department so EVERYBODY knew well in advance of when I was ready to tell them. I was uber-annoyed as you can imagine.

    This time, I really want to be the bearer of news so I'm planning on a mass email (I know that's a little impersonal but this will be for work friends) with a picture of my son wearing a "Big Brother" t-shirt.

    Welcome and Congrats PrincessChelle and Darlinga!
  14. Hello everyone!!!!

    after 7 years of being married, finally.....I'm pregnant! No words can express how happy I am. I just visited my OB two days ago and im 6 wks pregnant. Im just a little nervous because I have to go back next thursday to have a trans-v and hear the heartbeat of my baby. I'm so excited.

    congrats also tho those who will be due in oct. :smile:
  15. :biggrin:

    I imagine there's not too many of us who even know yet, but I thought I would start us a thread!!

    I will be 5 weeks on Sunday, I found out last Thursday (11 dpo, very early, I know!!) and my due date so far is 11/13/11.:yahoo: My husband and I could not be more thrilled to be expecting again. This will be our first child. We had a m/c Jan '10, so we're both very anxious...

    My biggest symptom so far has been dizziness! It was actually the reason I tested. My B/P is obviously realllly low. Other than that, I've just been REALLY HUNGRY and have sore boobs. I'm NOT looking forward to the morning sickness, and I have a feeling it will be here soon. I just tried to eat pizza rolls, which are my all time favorite snack lol, and they taste AWFUL right now.

    My first ultrasound isn't scheduled until 10 weeks. They want to see and hear the heartbeat at the same time. It's gonna be a long, torturous wait until mid-April!

    So how about anyone else? When did you find out? When are you due? Have you had any symptoms yet?