**October**~ Coach Buys!! ~

  1. Its that time! Hello to all of our beautiful October buys!! I :heart: the fall and all Coach has to bring! So show us what your new fall goodies are all about girls!!:woohoo:Happy October everyone!!!
  2. I bought the Bleecker capacity wristlet in wine. It's gorgeous!
  3. Got these at the outlet today:



    And this came last week, technically not an October buy.....

  4. I technically paid for it in September, but it arrived yesterday!

    The planner...the other stuff I already had.

    You can see it in my bag (i'm too lazy to take another picture, haha)

    It retailed for $218, but I got it for $30! (yes, it's real!)
  5. Bought this yesterday and I'm totally in love with it!!
    It makes me think of apple cider :p

  6. I bought the Coach Ergo leather tote in chocolate (style 11285) today at my local Coach store - no one told me this has Legacy lining!!! I'm in love! :love:
  7. I bought mine in September but just got them so will post here! :p

    Large signature Bleecker Duffle in chocolate (limited edition color in the large!). For some reason I just cannot get a great photograph of the bag -- it is gorgeous but doesn't show it here!

    Ergo wallet in black (outlet purchase) shown with my "everyday bag and stuff".


    CIMG0981.JPG CIMG0993.JPG CIMG0991.JPG
  8. I got my awesome new Bleecker, a J and a K initial charm, and the doggie key fob!

  9. The more and more I see the Bleecker, the more it grows on me. I really like your new bag, ktdid! And the new shopping bags make me want to go buy something just to get one!
  10. Awesome purchases!!! Congrats everyone!!
  11. WOWZA that's a bargain!!!:tup::tup:
  12. I got the black signature Ali one day before October, but I'll post it anyway. Haha. And then tonight I got the white leather Ali and Legacy flap in rose.

    On the hunt for brass charms/keyfobs and wallets to go with these bags now...
    blackali.jpg whiteali.jpg legacyroseflap.jpg
  13. Love all three of those! If I wasn't so scared of color, I'd get the shoulder flap but I just feel like it won't match with anything I have...even though I wear bright colors every day. Sigh. I'd love a pink or blue bag.
  14. just got it yesterday :heart:
    oct buy.jpg
  15. MAYA_EXQUISITE -- that rose legacy is sooooo cute!! i LOVE it! didn't know it came in such a color! Rock it girl