Octagon Or Outtagone

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  1. My store just received some
    I yet to see or try
    Think they're slowly surfacing in boutiques
    Anyone view it personally ?
    Any comments or feedbacks
    Usage practicality? Versatility?
    up and coming or out of list
    Comparing to Constance or roulis
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  2. I liked the shoulder version more than the clutch version.
    I still love my roulis more.
  3. Oh are there 2 versions or 1 version with detachable strap
    The one my sa sent me was with strap
  4. I saw two versions.
  5. Thanks b2d4
  6. I bought a clutch version--octogone 23--in epsom in Paris last year and although it was beautiful, I discovered it wasn't a style that would be easy for me to carry. The price at the time was 2800 euro.
  7. bought the clutch, it's quite a fun style; kind of difficult to hold since you need to carry it from the bottom; not like pochette or KC you can grab it from the top.
    I played with the shoulder strap version, it looks like a boy scout water bottle on me............so i passed. With strap is about 3400Euro
  8. I tried it and it was not for me, too boxy. Interesting design but not quite right.
  9. Many thanks
  10. I saw it and it was not for me; i wouldn't even try it on. Ask me again in a year and I might love it!
  11. Saw the clutches it in Paris in April and tried on a shoulder bag with the fixed strap last week. The capacity is good, shape is probably a challenge to sew so price point is good. The tab on the flap cover annoys me somehow. Need to consider further.
  12. Are we too conservative lol
  13. I bought the fixed shoulder one in ginza few months ago. I love the boyish look so much.

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  14. I don't know if we are conservative lol....the Octagone reminds me of a structured "lady bag" like a circle bag. If I remember right it does have something H rarely makes - an OUTSIDE POCKET. But other than that to me it's an odd hybrid of old school and alternative. Of newer bags I prefer the Harnais.
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  15. I hope not. I think my design aesthetic is just different. If that tab was made of say a piece of metal, it would seem more sophiscated to me, fitting the shape of the bag. I would think even less elegant with the huge circle. The Halzan has a totally opposite vibe, safe, slouchy casual and needs no hardware. I saw a lady carry a RH Octogone in my neighborhood. It was ok because she was in workout gear and the strap suited her outfit, maybe really the "water bottle" vibe. JMHO.